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4 Great Gadgets for RV Travel

When you see van life blogs and videos, it's easy to believe that living in an RV is all fun and exciting, but there are times when things can get monotonous after a while. The difference is that when you're bored back home, you have everything you need to entertain yourself right close to you. Your RV should feel the same and have everything needed to escape after a long day or during long stretches on the road. There are also tools that you can use to make life in the wild or on a campsite feel like home, or that could get you out of a sticky situation. Let's take a look at a few great gadgets that will make life in an RV better.

Wi-Fi Booster and Repeater

Wi-Fi signals can be very poor when you’re on a campsite, but that’s not something you have to deal with. A Wi-Fi booster and repeater will allow you to pick up a signal from a tower even if you’re far away from it. This is very handy on campsites when towers are often placed on the edges or the back.

This is very important if you intend to do some work while on the road, or if you enjoy specific pastimes, like online gambling, for instance. Even the best online casino will feel unenjoyable if you have a bad connection. If this is one of your hobbies or you need a reliable connection at all times, a Wi-Fi booster is a cheap tool that could make life so much better for you.

Electric Management System

The electric system in RVs needs to be protected and wasn't designed to deal with sudden surges. While surge protectors exist, they are not made to deal with both high and low voltage. These can and will protect against things like accidentally plugging into a 220w outlet, reverse polarity, open neutral, and AC frequency.

Portable Solar Panels

Everyone that has an RV should have a few portable solar panels with them. You don’t have to rely on them 100% or live off the grid to benefit from them. There are many benefits portable panels have over fixed panels that you may have not thought about. For instance, you may want to park your vehicle out of the shade but still get power. In this case, you could position the panels right in the sun and keep your vehicle cool. You can reposition them constantly to get maximum sunlight and they're much easier to maintain as well.

RVing Apps

You should also know that there are tons of different apps that you can find for RVing. Some will help you find the best campsites in your area. Others will help you locate things like fresh water or propane while you're on the road. These could be literal lifesavers, so make sure that you look for a few top-rated apps for RV lovers and find those you think could help you depending on the type of RVing you like to do.

These are all must-haves for RVers who want to feel safe on the road and enjoy their RV to the fullest. Most of them are pretty affordable too, so don't hesitate to give them a closer look.

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