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The Most Popular Casino Games In Canada

Since the year 2015, the online casino industry has massively increased within the region of Canada. The Internet has become the perfect place to enjoy gambling gaming options, and has very much surpassed that of the predecessor-land based casinos. Online casino games are convenient and easy, just as long as you have a suitable online connection or a mobile phone, you secure some of the best playing experience that you can only imagine.

You can also opt to go completely digital and use cryptocurrency within your casino gaming experience. Find more bitcoin casinos on, to enhance your gaming experience and make it even more convenient and on the go!

Below is a selection of the most popular casino games that the Canadian market has flourished and took a great liking to.


With slots, Canadians amongst many others across the world, have been playing with some of the most prestigious slot developers that the casino industry can offer. Pioneers such as Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt, have long led the slot gaming front and come up with genre after genre in exciting titles, as well as creating movie or cartoon adaptations into slot games too.

With slot games, nowadays you can look out for your favourite TV series that made a splash within the media, as there is a high likelihood that you will find it. Game of Thrones and the Peaky Blinders are good examples of TV series that became huge and massively played within the slot community of Canada. Should you have a sentimental attachment to these and other titles out there, you will of course become attached and play it, right?


Poker is another great example of the gambling genre, and one of the biggest drives for people to actually get into it, is Hollywood and the movies that lavishly portray this gambling variant. In Canada especially, poker is a huge gambling variant that punters cannot seem to get enough of, and there are of course many options within the community to play. Texas Hold’em, is probably the largely known game within the Canadian gambling community, and for good reason-it can be intense and you will need to have those bluffing skills to beat your opponents, of course.

Developing a strategy when playing poker, comes with time and sheer effort. You have to put in the hours to really get somewhere, as it is the experience that makes you get better.


Baccarat is another huge favourite within Canada, and has massively grown over the last five years within the region. Every coup that is played, comes with a possibility of creating three outcomes that can dictate if you win, tie or ultimately the banker taking all. It is massively intense, we will give you that.

In baccarat, the aces are counted as a point, whereas the cards 2-9 provide you with a point value. Anything after that such as 10, jack, queen or king, will have no value at all. While different to other card games when you look towards the card values, it still can be massively entertaining. This is a reason as to why people will play it quite a lot then, as it reaps rewards when done right!


Roulette is a game that has been around for over three centuries, of course as the years went by it was altered and made into the multiple variants that we see here today. In Canada, it is loved for the sophistication it brings to the casino table, and of course the large possible payout that can come your way if you are lucky enough to get it of course.

This table game is all about making bets to predict the outcome of the ball and the pockets it may fall into, when the roulette wheel stops spinning. While the European and French variants have just one pocket, it is the American one that is seen to have more difficult odds, due to the double zero pocket it possesses as an extra.

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