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Podcasters: Take Note of These Ways to Make Money Online


Podcasting has become a fashionable way for people to transmit and receive information. Anyone with a keen interest or hobby can start what is essentially a radio broadcast online and share their thoughts and feelings with a broad audience.

Podcasting is a wonderful way for people to participate in a subject they feel passionate about, but it can also provide ways to make money. While the vaccine rollout is around the corner and signs are positive, many people remain largely at home but for essentials on the advice of medical professionals.

With job loss soaring and people stuck indoors, now is a good time to know a few ways to make money by podcasting.

Custom Printing

Once your podcast develops a fan base, you’ll have a loyal group of followers who admire your work and want to support it. Online print-on-demand companies make it easy for anybody with no merchandising experience to create their own line of products, either with their designs or brand new ones from an auto generator.

You give your audience your thoughts and views, and many would love to give something back. Wearing clothes, carrying a tote bag, or drinking from a mug featuring your podcast’s imagery could be a meaningful way for your fans to back you.

The use of dropshipping and local Canadian print providers makes selling podcast merch a Green approach.


If your audience is large enough, you may get approached by companies to promote their products on your podcast. Whereas TV shows have commercial breaks, you’d read a short promotional blurb during a segment in exchange for payment.

You may need to toe this line carefully, as you don’t want there to be a conflict of interest between the type of company or product you promote and the messaging in your podcast. It will undermine the seriousness of what you’re saying if you take money from corporate entities you denounce on air.

Be mindful of this dynamic and partner with a non-problematic company.


Many podcasters have used their forum as a stepping stone to greater opportunities. Podcasts can get you significant attention if you cover important topics fairly and in a new and exciting way.

Use the exposure you get from the podcast to speak or do whatever you do on a larger stage. “Exposure” may not sound like a good deal when it’s the only form of payment because it doesn’t pay the rent.

But if you believe in your podcast and treat it seriously, there’s no telling how famous it can become. Work on your podcast for its own sake because that’s key. But it can also be the door through which other economic opportunities flow.

If you have a lot to say on a certain topic and feel like there’s an audience out there waiting to hear it, podcasting is for you. Whether you’re new to it or a veteran podcaster, keep the above tips in mind to help you earn more money.

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