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5 Ways to Entertain Yourself During Coronavirus Pandemic

While practicing self-isolation and social distancing due to the recent Corona outbreak, life can get a bit one-faced, even boring. The weekdays can be a bit more fun and entertaining because of activities like work, schooling or other responsibilities, yet on the weekends the only source of entertainment might be TV shows. We’ve got you covered with a list of things that will keep you occupied and stress-free during the first and hopefully the last pandemic in our lives.

Take Some Online Cooking Classes and Have Fun in the Kitchen

Have you always wished to get some cooking classes and never have the time? Now, thanks to the pandemic, you suddenly have tons of free time and don't know how to spend it.  We've got an excellent idea for those gourmans and the lovers of a tasty dish.

You can try cooking classes while still keeping yourself safe and practicing social distance - the solution is a simple look for some of the most famous online cooking classes by a world-class chef.

This activity can be a lovely way of spending your time indoors while creating the masterpieces you never knew you could make.

Board Games

In their desire to detox themselves from the digital technologies and yet have a break from this stressful reality - people out there have chosen once again board games as an excellent source of fun.

Although the one-person games were the ones that were the most in-demand during this global COVID-19 outbreak, many families spend some quality family time thanks to the board games. That quality spent family time eases this difficult transition to the new "normal" for the kids.

Artsy Me

Art has always been the human's best friend and the best way to get all of the emotions, the tension built up, and the fear out of your system. Pull the inner child out and allow yourself a bit of happiness.

You can search out on Google for some great drawings and paintings, and you can try and recreate them, or do you remember those ceramic pots you saw on Instagram and promised yourself you'd once try making them?

Well, the world is stopped, and literally now is the time to order your ceramic pots and figures plus some paint supplies, and you're ready to begin your ceramics painting class all by yourself with minimal effort and maximum entertainment

If you have limited resources, thanks to the pandemic, we suggest you change the ceramic pots and figures with some pine cones and decorate them. Moreover, you'll have double benefit from painting those pine cones - the first and obvious one new decoration for your home and the secondary benefit of actually going into the woods to look for the pine cones and having a fresh breath.

Gaming During Quarantine

In the earliest days, when the pandemic wasn't even a pandemic but an epidemic, many of us got stuck so unexpectedly and so unprepared at our homes that one of the only choices and sources of fun we had was gaming. Video games, mobile games, and even online casino sites like the Yako Casino were our only sources of entertainment.

Catch up on Your Reading or Self-Improvement

Now is the time to read as much as you want and to lay down in your bed all day long enjoying a good book. If you have children, then you can bond over them while doing something useful, teaching them another good habit that will make them one day very proud.

Even if you are not in love with reading, it would be good to try out some audiobooks or maybe get yourself a membership at Netflix. The platform has so much content, i.e., movies and series, that I believe it won't be a problem for anyone to find a pick for themselves.

If you are not feeling particularly appeased by that either, we want to suggest you try learning some new skill, maybe another language or an IT skill like Java, Python, or perhaps something simpler like MS Office.

The unexpected coming of COVID-19 and all the uncertainties it brought with it should be more than enough of a motivation to at least try and learn a new skill that is in high demand on the market now. Because nobody knows what you are going to work on tomorrow, right?

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