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Canadians Need to Keep Their Guard Up to Prevent a Data Leak


As if the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t bad enough, fraudsters are preying on vulnerable people and trying to get relief money issued by the government. It is always prudent to keep your sensitive information close to your chest, but perhaps never more so than now.

Whether it’s pandemic scammers or everyday identity thieves, professional shredders can help you steer clear altogether. Let’s learn more about how their services work.

Remote Paper Shredding

People today want convenience, and modern paper shredders deliver this level of service. You can call a document destruction company in Toronto or the GTA, and they’ll come right to your door in their mobile shredding truck.

You won’t need to make a plan for lugging heavy boxes of paper around town or worry that sensitive documents may get lost in the shuffle. They’ll be shredded right from your location.

If you have a backload of papers that need to be shredded that exceeds the capacity of the mobile shredding truck, the company will send a larger truck to your location. Next, they’ll transport your papers to their facility for secure shredding. Either way, you don’t need to leave your home to prevent a breach.

Eliminate Electronics Carefully

Everybody knows about the high-profile data breaches caused by sophisticated hackers. Multinational corporations and prominent political parties have been the victims of such attacks, and they receive major news coverage whenever they occur.

But if the information stored on your various electronic devices leaks, the breach will be just as damaging. Don’t sleep on threats presented by obsolete phones, tablets, computers, or laptops.

Some electric devices like photocopier and printer memory cards may not jump to mind when you consider where a breach is likely to occur, though they store vast amounts of sensitive information. Just like you wouldn’t place a sensitive paper document into the garbage without shredding it, you can’t simply discard an electronic device by putting it into the trash.

If a data thief were to find it, they could easily retrieve whatever information it stored and you’d be ruined. The best professional shredders destroy the microchips on the device, so it’s impossible to access whatever information it once kept.

Recycling Matters

Everyone needs to play a role when it comes to disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly way. This role only grows in proportion to the volume of waste that gets produced.

Shredding companies deal with a lot of paper and e-waste, so it’s important to find one that takes its commitments to the environment seriously. Look for a company with a long and proud track record of Green practices, especially if it will help your company achieve its environmental goals.

Canadians across the country need to beware of scammers even, or, perhaps, especially, during a pandemic. If you rely on the services of a professional shredder, you will enjoy convenience and peace of mind, so call one today.

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