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5 Best Tips to Choosing the Right Face Mask You Need to Know

Choosing the right face mask can be challenging because there are many varieties of masks on the market today. These range from handmade face masks, cloth masks, N-95 masks, and disposable surgical masks among others.

So, you must be in a position to choose the right face mask that will provide you with maximum protection against any COVID-19 virus infection. Following are the best tips to choosing the right face mask you need to know:

1. Layers of Fabric

Some face masks have single layers while others have several layers of fabric. Health experts recommend the use of several layered face masks for better safety from the COVID-19 virus.

Wondering why? The multi-layered face masks tend to give you more protection than the single-layered masks as they provide a stronger filter of bacteria, germs, and dust particles. The bacteria and viruses can’t easily pass through the various layers of fabric to reach your mouth and nose.

2. Ear Loops are Better

Face masks with ear loops are the ideal ones but tend to be ignored by some people. They are convenient to wear than those face masks you need to tie behind your head. The ear loops are elastic and you have to put them behind your ears and you are good to go.

Earloops hold you tightly and the Surgical Mask can’t easily fall off and if you frequently travel outdoors, elastic earloop face masks are ideal for you.

3. Proper Fit

An ideal face mask must be a proper fit to completely cover your nose and mouth and leave no space for any outside air to enter into your respiratory system. The air you breathe in must only pass through the face mask you are wearing.

This saves you from inhaling any contaminated air existing in the environment like if you are in a public place with many people around.

4. Enough Breathable Space

An ideal face mask must give you enough breathable space to avoid suffocation. Remember you have to put the face mask on while doing your daily activities and if you can’t breathe properly, it will give you discomfort and affect your productivity.

More so, breathing difficulty can result in other serious health conditions so it is better and safe to choose a breathable face mask. This also helps you to wear the mask for a long period relaxed and calm.

5. Re-Usability

You need to also consider the re-usability of the face mask. Remember you have to use the face mask daily as you handle your tasks. It is cost-effective to buy and use a reusable face mask if you can’t keep up with the cost of buying a new disposable mask every day.

You have to wash and iron it every day after use. However, if you work in a high-risk environment, you need to use disposable face masks because you are exposed to higher risks of the virus at the end of the day.

Choose the Right Face Mask

Follow the above tips to be in a position of choosing the ideal Surgical Mask to give you maximum protection.

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