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Niche Podcasts to Pique Your Interest

Instead of sitting down to your usual podcast, why not give something a little more unusual a try?

There are plenty of podcasts that get a great deal of listeners. They cater to broad sections of the population, talk about global events, popular pastimes, issues that affect us all, but what about the podcasts that fall just under the radar? Some podcasts cover topics that are wonderfully niche and can provide a fascinating and in-depth insight into worlds that we previously knew nothing about. If you're struggling to find a way to inject some novelty into your life, then making time to listen to one niche podcast a week could open your eyes to something totally new to you and possibly totally fascinating as well. These are some of our favorite niche podcasts to send you on your own niche podcast adventure.

Poker Podcasts

It is no huge secret that podcasting is reaching a higher demographic than ever before. It was reported by Statista, that in Canada alone, 28% of people had listened to a podcast in the last month. It should come as no surprise then, that there is a podcast to fit every niche. The first we're going to talk about is poker. With some 2.5 million subscribers, The Red Chip Podcast is perilously close to the edge of not quite being a niche podcast anymore. Incredibly popular in poker circles, this podcast dives into all kinds of unusual topics surrounding poker. For those who don't play, there are some episodes that will be more interesting than others. Plunging headfirst into how to pay taxes on your winnings might be a leap too far for beginners, but strategy-based episodes about aggressive play and tournament psychology are truly fascinating for total novices and seasoned professionals alike. Even if you've never played a game of poker in your life, the clear and concise explanations, as well as the exciting stories from famous and successful players, are bound to pique your interest. Before long you'll be a poker genius, but just remember to warn your friends before games night!

Niche Itself

Perhaps the idea of listening to a new niche podcast every week has appealed to you, but you just don't have the kind of brain that can think of what topics might be considered niche. If that's the case then the podcast Niche Pod has all of the answers. This podcast trawls through a new and under-explored topic each episode, so one week you could be finding out all about Irish Dancing, the next could be an investigation into Moonshiners. This podcast flits between topics effortlessly, shining a light on unusual topics, and always thoroughly researching them first. For listeners who enjoy not having to search at length for a totally novel topic, this podcast must be added to your listening rotation as it really does take all the hard work away from you. Better still, each episode is easily digestible and always equally as interesting as the last, meaning you're very unlikely to get bored.

The Old House Podcast

Find yourself fascinated by old buildings? This podcast will answer all of your questions!

If you enjoyed the Toronto Mike episode where we spoke about the Cloverdale Mall, then you might just be into the True Tales from Old Houses podcast. This podcast explores all aspects of old houses, from history to maintenance, hauntings to interviews with the owners. It provides a fascinating insight into the history of architecture, which will interest not just those in the trade but anyone who's ever lived in a house (so quite literally anyone!). The hosts do a great deal of the talking and share hilarious tales from the restorations of their own old houses. This friendly chat is interspersed with guest speakers who come from all walks of life. Particularly interesting episodes have featured traditional craftspeople talking about the labor-intensive but incredibly beautiful works that they undertake to ensure authenticity in old builds. For fans of mystery there are also the occasional ghost stories from old house owners. Browsing through the episode list, you'll find that despite the niche subject matter, there really is something for everyone on this pod.

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