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Instagram: what benefits does it offer brands?

Have you even noticed just how many businesses and brands are making their way to social media and taking over your feed? Do you have a new business that needs a marketing strategy but you are unsure whether using Instagram is the best option for that?

One of the fastest growing, and perhaps the biggest social media platforms at the moment is Instagram. There are so many brands, both big and small, that have begun using the platform and growth services to market themselves and through this, Instagram has realised the sheer number of businesses on the platform and introduced features that will aid both sellers and buyers on the app, making it easy for brands to market themselves effectively. More than this, businesses and brands have been able to grow using growth services, especially with Growthoid, since it promotes organic growth. With so many other brands popping up all over social media, it can be extremely difficult for brands without any form of social media to survive.

So if a brand is considering using Instagram but isn’t quite sure how well it would work, here are some of the benefits the platform can provide.

Visual marketing at its finest

Instagram is the epitome of visual marketing, allowing users to post not only photos but video as well, in multiple different formats, to suit a variety of demographics and niches.

The content posted to Instagram, although all visually based, has got some kind of style and general unsaid rules to it too. Typically the best Instagram account are successful partly because of the fantastic content that they post, making it look visually pleasing, having a beautiful aesthetic, and trying to show f the very best parts of someone’s life but only showing glamorous or extravagant posts. This worked wonders for brands and businesses as it allows users and followers to live vicariously through them, encouraging them to follow along and see what the rest of their content is like.

Ability to research audience

Not only is Instagram a great place to be entertained, but it is also one of the best platforms around which allows people to research their audience. This is done by looking at analytics and metrics. These analytics show a multitude of things from the basics of follower count and profile views, to more in depth things such as the amount of like and comments posts receive, which posts to better at which times, and what content is most liked by followers and other users.

All of this information can be used to refine your posting schedule, what type of content you want to post, and how often you post in order to reach the maximum amount of your target audience possible, and increase the number of followers you get.

The engagement rates are high

When it comes to marketing on social media, one of the key elements that are needed in order to succeed is to have good engagement. Instagram, as opposed to other, has incredibly high engagement rates with multiple channels for users to engage with your brand itself or its content. This is possibly one of the biggest benefits that Instagram has to offer any brand or business.

Engagement can be though anything from comments on your posts, likes, shares, and even direct messages. However, this engagement is not meant to be one sided. Instagram allows for engagement to go both ways and brands should take advantage of this by engaging with their followers in return.

Great way to build a brand

Possibly one of the best uses of Instagram is to build a band. Instagram allows for this to happen by not only growing the brands account, by also allowing users to have easy access to stores locations and websites, in turn grown the brand itself.

Brands make use of social media to seem personable to their audience and in turn they get so much out of it including brand growth. This is because when you make a meaningful connection with someone they are more likely to support you and your business. This may all just seem like fluff but people like feeling noticed and appreciated and will be more inclined to be an avid follower of the brand of you pay attention to them.

Everything mentioned above will help you understand why Instagram will not only grow your brand of businesses account but also grow your brand overall.

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