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Here's What You Can Do to Help Israel

Even though we live in the twenty-first century and a lot of people have a good life, it, unfortunately, is not like that for everyone. Israel is one of the countries where there are a lot of hungry people, and people who have suffered terror and trauma. Sadly, even though we live in a modern world, not all of us have the same opportunities.

This is why we must do everything we can to help the ones in need. The world would be a much better place if the privileged ones shared some of their time and resources with the ones who are not. No matter how small of a contribution you think you can give, please do it. Any kind of help is still helpful. To learn how to help Israeli people in need, read through the article we have prepared for you.

Feed the hungry

No person on this planet should ever have to wonder whether they will have something to eat tomorrow. If we can’t feed ourselves, how can we strive to achieve anything else? Everyone deserves to have dreams and hopes. But unfortunately, that is not something that many people in Israel think about. A lot of them just think about how they will feed themselves and their family.

It is sad to say that one out of three children in Israel goes to bed hungry. Approximately 200,000 Israeli families at risk of prolonged hunger.  Humanitarians from say that 40% of Israel’s Holocaust survivors are living below the poverty line. In a country like this, food banks and soup kitchens are crucial for people’s survival.

But, these food resources need to be funded somehow. Most of them are funded by donations of people willing to help. But, the number of hungry adults and children in Israel is still enormous. This is why donating is so important. So, if you are in the position to help, find reliable resources to help reduce hunger in Israel. Any amount of help is always welcome.

Share the information

If you stumbled upon this text while looking for ways to help people in Israel, you are a part of a smaller group than you think. A lot of people are not aware that Israeli people need help. Even a smaller number of people is aware of the number of poor and hungry people in Israel. This is why it is so important to share information about these problems.

Thankfully, it has never been easier to share information. By a simple click on your phone, you can make more people aware that Israel needs their help. Even if you do not have money to donate, someone who sees your post will. Remember to always promote the information and continue to spread the word. The more people do this, the closer we are to 0% poverty in Israel.

Support or write to terror victims

After a terror attack, the victims often need funds so that they can quickly rebuild what they have lost. Imagine working for something your whole life, and then, in one day it can all disappear. In situations like these, people need other people’s support more than anything. Whatever kind of support you can give, it will mean the world to the person who receives it.

There are a couple of ways you can help terror victims in Israel. You can donate money through different organizations that have specific donation opportunities for terror victims. If you can’t offer them money donations, offer them emotional support. You can send a letter to those who have been stricken by terror. Words of encouragement to these families are more valuable than we can all imagine. They can help them get through the day, the week, and the whole process of rebuilding what they have lost easier.

Buy Israeli products and services

With the Israeli economy suffering, we must support it in any way possible. One of the simplest ways to do that is to buy Israeli products and services.

When you go to a store, try to look for brands that are from Israel. You can either buy something new you want to try or just a regular product you needed anyhow. If you like buying these products, ask the store manager to reorder those items specifically. This way, the store can benefit because you are returning to their store to buy those products. But, even more importantly, as a consequence, the Israeli people making the products will benefit too.

Visit Israel

Another great way of supporting Israel and helping its economy is visiting it. Israel is a beautiful country with one of the most famous histories in the world. You can go on a vacation, study, or maybe even do some humanitarian work while you are there. Try to encourage your local organizations to sponsor trips. You can try to organize study tours and religious tours. While learning Israel’s rich history and enjoying everything it has to offer, you will be able to support the people and the whole country financially.

Support Israeli craftsmen

While you are traveling, if you plan to buy a gift for someone, remember to do it at a local craftsmen’s shop. Even though buying in big chains can help Israeli people, it is not as impactful as when you buy it from a local artist. When you buy from them, not only will you help their financial situation, but you will have an original gift as well.

Holocaust education

The Holocaust is one of the greatest tragedies in the history of our world. With the rise of anti-Semitic incidents in the world, it is crucial to see the warning signs before a crisis happens. This is why it is important to keep educating people about what happened. It is important to remember the ones who suffered and to make sure nothing similar will ever happen again.

There are many ways you can help Israel and its people. Depending on your abilities, you can choose to help financially, spread the word or emotionally support those in need. Whatever you do, know that it will be greatly appreciated. Any kind of help is still helping, and it will mean the world to the ones who need it.

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