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8 Things You Can Do In Toronto During Lockdown

If you’re bored of staying indoors during this pandemic, simply remember that we have the internet and therefore, anything is possible. This is why we decided to list a number of fun things that you can do in Toronto while being stuck indoors. From doing fun activities with your friends while being remote or touring the city of Toronto from the comfort of your own home, the possibilities are endless. You can also find a number of live entertainment hosted by worldwide celebrities who are also stuck in quarantine. These fun things can help many of those who are dealing with self-isolation.

1. Get In Shape

Tune into Instagram and YouTube and find the ideal fitness channel for you. Set up your very own workout routine and get started with your fitness journey. Always remember that it is important to take care of ourselves and our health at this difficult time. Stay in shape from home today with Toronto’s best fitness studios that are offering online membership classes.

2. Take an Online Cooking Class

Since you are not able to eat out at a restaurant and you’re bored of getting take-away, you can easily learn how to cook online. Simply search for your favourite food recipes, select one that interests you and follow the chef’s guide to a delicious home cooked meal. This is a fun way to fill the time and learn a new skill. There are many food stores in Toronto that offer delivery. Moreover, you can also create your favourite cocktail from the comfort of your own kitchen. Some local bars are offering discounts on orders that will provide you with anything that you’ll need to recreate your favourite drink at home.

3. Join a Virtual Club or Concert

Due to the pandemic, nightclubs are closed. However, you can still join in on the fun through an online nightclub. Toronto hosts one of the world’s most popular LGBTQ online events. Moreover, a number of worldwide known artists are performing live on their social media platforms to entertain the world. These mini virtual concerts are a great way to relax and unwind while connecting with your favourite musicians.

4. Play at an Online Casino

If you were a usual visitor of land-based casinos, you will enjoy the popularity of joining the casino fun in a virtual experience. Online casinos are considered convenient and fun. You can also benefit from the best welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses by checking this page out. Always make sure that the casino site that you choose is secure and has a valid license from one of the recommended jurisdictions.

5. Watch a Movie

Login online and start streaming movies. Many are opting to choose the well-known platform, Netflix. This platform is also equipped with the Netflix Party extension that enables you and your friends to watch a movie together while practicing social distancing. Alternatively, you can also support local by streaming your favourite movies through Paradise. By doing so, you will also be doing your part, since Paradise donated two tickets to front-line workers for every streaming ticket sold.

6. Go for a Virtual Ride

Canada’s Wonderland is now giving you the opportunity to simply login and jump on a virtual ride. This amusement park is now streaming a total of 16 coasters, 11 thrill rides and 7 family rides from the point of view of the rider. You can also stream the world’s tallest dive coaster, The Yukon Striker. Simply head over to their YouTube channel and hope on the fun. Think about how you will benefit from no queues online! Also, the well-known Cirque de Soleil is now offering a behind-the-scenes 60-minute-long show.

7. Take a Virtual Tour of Toronto

You probably miss travelling and visiting Toronto’s most popular sights. Now, it has become possible to virtually visit places such as Casa Loma, Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre, the ROM, and the AGO from the comfort of your own home. Simply access their website and get started on a virtual tour of these fascinating buildings.

8. Apply for a Remote Vacancy or a Volunteering Opportunity

If you find yourself being bored, with ample of free time, why not explore the remote jobs that are available for you to apply for. By doing so, you might find your next career move. You can also choose the give back to the community by volunteering with one of the many NGOs available around Toronto. Click here for remote work and volunteering opportunities.

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