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3 Essential Spring Maintenance Tips for Homeowners in the GTA

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Spring cleaning is a tradition for many homeowners across the GTA — especially for families with young children, as it becomes easier to accumulate more toys and clothes each passing year. While the organizational side is essential, combing through the interior and exterior of your home can also provide safety benefits.

When items pile up in your home, dust, pet dander, mildew, small wildlife, and a host of other allergens can lead to serious health concerns. With these three simple tips, you can keep your home safe and welcome the spring season.

Start in the Attic

The attic is often a multi-purpose space, but the most common use is storage. This means your attic is likely cluttered, dusty, and could potentially be housing unwelcomed wildlife. When you start your spring cleaning, always check your attic or crawlspaces.

The spring season is famous for raccoons seeking shelter — the pregnant females will break into attics for a safe and warm place to stay while giving birth. In this case, it’s essential to exercise caution when it comes to their removal. Often, homeowners will look for raccoon removal services in Toronto or the GTA for help.

According to the raccoon removal specialists at Wildlife Shield, clients need to be extra careful if they’re attempting to remove them independently. If you choose to install a one-way door, this can separate mothers from their babies — care must be taken when removing the babies to ensure they’re able to be reunited with their mother on the other side.

Inspect the Exterior

The exterior of your home is just as important when it comes to maintenance checks and repairs. For homeowners in the GTA, spring means melting snow and damp outdoor conditions — because of this, gutters and eavestroughs are a common culprit of clogging, leading to water damage. It’s essential to ensure debris is removed and you’ve patched up any holes or exposed spots.

Cold Toronto winters can cause severe damage to your windows and doors if they aren’t adequately sealed. This can lead to drafts inside the home, causing potential water damage and high utility bills. Now that the temperatures are rising checking these fixtures for cracks can help you stay on top of maintenance and prepare your home for the next winter.

Finish in the Basement

As the seasons change, your basement may be more at risk for problems than you think. Older homes in the GTA are especially prone to structural issues and mould or mildew. Basement maintenance is an integral part of keeping the rest of your home safe.

A water-proof sealant around doors, windows, pipes, and vents can help keep excess water out and prevent structural damage. You’ll first want to inspect the area for cracks and carefully remove any pealing parts before adding a fresh layer of caulk.

Don’t forget the importance of your dehumidifier. Each spring, schedule a checkup for your home’s dehumidifier — this tool is used to repel mould and mildew. Ideally, it should be set to keep your home’s humidity below 50 per cent.

The spring season is exciting for so many reasons, but it also bears responsibility for homeowners across Toronto and the GTA to ensure their home is safe and secure. Take the time this spring to update your fixtures and inspect your home’s structure, so you can better enjoy every Canadian season.

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