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Valentine’s Day Crafts for Seniors

Valentine's day is for lovers. First celebrated by the ancient Romans, “Valentine’s Day” was observed during the festival of Lupercalia. The festival celebrated the coming of spring and its fruitful abundance after the cold, dark winter months. People welcomed the dawning of the luscious season by toasting to health and fertility. As the centuries went on, the exchange of Valentine's cards became a February 14th tradition. According to legend, Saint Valentine, the ancient Roman priest, sent a letter to the apple of his eye asking, “Will you be my Valentine?” The romantic gesture has been practiced ever since.

Today, Valentine's Day isn't only about the celebration of romantic love. The holiday also gives thanks to different types of love. Is there a senior in your life that you love — a grandparent or a beloved neighbour? Why not make something special for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? We’ve created a list of delightful ideas that are sure to warm your friend or family member’s heart.

Homemade Cards

Consider making some homemade Valentine's Day cards for friends and family members to keep the tradition going. Buy some pink and red construction paper, either online or at your local craft store. Find some craft glitter, markers, white paper doilies, and ribbons. Get out the scissors and glue sticks, and make some beautiful cards for your friends and family! Your loved one will appreciate the thoughtful gesture. Consider sending some craft materials with your homemade card to encourage that they make you a card in return. Seniors require regular mental stimulation, and making a homemade Valentine might be just the activity to put a smile on their face.

Heart Cookies

What’s better than a freshly baked batch of cookies? Make special Valentines cookies for the special senior in your life. If you don’t already have one, order a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Then, ask your loved one if they have any food allergies before you decide on the perfect, delicious recipe for your Valentine's cookies. There are hundreds of cookie recipes to choose from online, so find one that suits your baking skills and both your and your family member or friend’s sweet tooth. A simple and straightforward sugar cookie often does the trick — with plenty of icing and sprinkles on top. Your friend or family member will melt with delight when they receive this Valentine’s treat.

Support at Home

Do you worry about your loved one? Perhaps they don’t want to leave their home to go live in an assisted living facility, but it would be great if they had some additional help around the house. For example, they could have someone to bake with or make crafts with at the kitchen table. You might want to consider the benefits of home care in Toronto — where a professional caregiver can visit your family member or friend in their own home to provide loving and helpful support whenever they need it.

Show how much you value the beloved senior in your life with a homemade Valentine and cookies this February. And, if you’re not able to visit as much as you’d like to right now, think about the advantages of having an at-home caregiver by their side.

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