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The Best Apps for Being Involved in A Community

We’re all lacking elements of community at the moment, whether it’s evenings down the local bar, sports clubs or enjoying a few games of bingo in the local hall. It’s not been easy, but technology has certainly been our saviour.

Yes, our smartphone devices have come to the rescue once again and there are plenty of apps that will have you feeling a part of the community in no time at all. So, what’re the apps within the app store that you should be downloading right now?

Online Bingo

Bingo has taken the world by storm over the last 12 months, with sign-ups at various sites seeing huge growth. If you play mobile bingo then there’s an abundance of different games to enjoy, and with them often comes chat rooms and fabulous communities.

Online bingo offers some of the friendliest communities out here, with players all around the world chatting and enjoying bingo games with one another, as well as getting involved with various chat games.

You’ll find most communities when it comes to bingo are caring and encouraging and perfect for talking about both the games being played and just everyday life too.

Words with Friend 2

Zynga saw its earnings boosted dramatically over the past year and one of its most played games was Words With Friends 2. The game is played in the same manner as Scrabble and allows you to play against friends and players from all over the planet.  

Within the game there’s also a chat function that allows you to discuss play and have a chat and make new friends. It’s a great place to get to know like-minded people, all while increasing your cognitive skills too.


It perhaps goes without saying that Facebook is a great app for being involved in a community. On face value it’s great to chat to your friends, but you can also delve deeper and join groups that suit your interests. Whether you’re a lover of music, TV, arts and crafts, or any other hobby or interest you may have, there will be a group out there for you to get involved in.

You can comment on other people’s posts, post your own and generally get bits and pieces of advice to help you along with whatever you need.

Mumsnet Talk

Mumsnet is a great website for parents, but you can also get it in app for, with all the forums available at the touch of a button. The Talk app allows you to quickly find parenting tips, ask questions and simply make friends and connections too.

It allows you to be part of the conversation whenever, wherever, so whether you’re sat on the sofa or in the middle of trying to change a baby’s nappy, you can be connected to a community in just a few seconds.

The community is among the most caring and friendly out there and if you’re a parent, then it’s certainly an app you should have on your phone, and on-call for whenever you need it.

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