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Top 24/7 YouTube Live Radios to Tune In

In recent years, there are many users who visit YouTube to listen to some background music while they are studying or working. YouTube gives you the possibility to live stream music and create your own radio stations. At the moment, numerous channels have taken advantage of this feature, create a new interesting niche on the platform. These radio stations have available streams that are online all day long, meaning that users from all around the world can tune in and listen to music.

If you are interested in establishing a channel with this type of stream, you need to know what kind of music users want to listen to. Once you do, you can boost your stream by visiting Stormviews to buy YouTube likes and let it get discovered by a lot of users.

In this article, you will find the top channels in this niche.

#1 Chilled Cow

The most popular and well-known channel when it comes to all-day radio stations on YouTube is none other than Chilled Cow. This channel has the “lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/ study to” stream, which is probably the stream that started this trend. Right now, it also has the “lofi hip hop radio - beats to sleep/ chill to”, which is quite similar but just as successful.

#2 Soothing Relaxation

Another channel with a great following on YouTube is Soothing Relaxation. Indicatively, this channel now has 6.18 million subscribers and 4 active 24/7 music live streams. All of the radio streams provide listeners with music to help them relax during the day. One of the live streams is dedicated to Christmas music, while another one provides music for sound sleeping. These streams can benefit from visiting Stormviews to buy YouTube likes and reach more users.

#3 Cafe Music BGM channel.

One of the most popular channels on this niche is none other than the Cafe Music BGM channel. The music featured in these live streams aims to take users to a beautiful café with relaxing vibes. At the moment, the channel has 2.64 million subscribers and 10 active live streams that are available all day long. In addition to YouTube, the Cafe Music BGM channel offers their music for purchase so that you can use it in your videos.


STEEZYASFUCK is another YouTube channel with 24/7 music live streams that many users enjoy. Their music features a lot of chill and relaxing lofi and hip-hop beats. The users like this type of music because it is the ideal one to listen to when they are studying or working. If you want to create live streams that gather thousands of listeners, you need to buy YouTube likes from Stormviews to let more users discover them.

#5 Chill Your Mind

Chill Your Mind is one more channel that provides users with 24/7 music live streams. This channel differs from the rest of them as it focuses more on lounge and electronic music. However, the effect is the same as it aims to help listeners relax and enjoy their days. At the moment, Chill Your Mind has 954 thousand subscribers and two active live streams.

#6 Epic Music VN

Epic Music VN is a YouTube channel that stands out when it comes to music live streaming. This happens because the music that it streams is completely different from all of the other channels. Epic Music VN focuses on hyping its listeners to face their day with a newfound motivation. The epic music of any kind is the ideal one for this type of thing. If you want to do the same, you need to buy YouTube likes from Stormviews and motivate your subscribers.

#7 Stay See

Stay See is another YouTube channel with a lot of subscribers that like to listen to its music live stream. The music on this channel focuses on bringing summer vibes to its users through house, lounge, deep house, and nu-disco music. At the moment, the channel has 835 thousand subscribers and one active live stream with thousands of listeners.

#8 Relax My Dog - Relaxing Music for Dogs

Relax My Dog - Relaxing Music for Dogs is a channel that combines the music live streaming niche with the pets one. The result is an interesting mixture of relaxing music ideal for dogs. At the moment, the channel has 619 thousand subscribers and one active music live stream, while it also has numerous other videos with music for pets. This is an interesting niche that can give you plenty of views and subscribers. Make sure that you visit Stormviews to buy YouTube likes and benefit from your stream’s potential.

#9 Mellowbeat Seeker

Mellowbeat Seeker is another interesting channel within this niche. Right now, it has managed to gather 558 thousand subscribers while it also has two active music live streams. The first one is called “24/7 Lo-fi Hip-hop Radio - Beats to Study/ Relax” and it features similar beats to other channels. The second live stream is “24/7 Korean Underground Indie/  R&B/Hip-hop Radio” and it features music from the Korean underground scene.

#10 The Good Life Radio x Sensual Musique

Another great channel that you can follow for its great music is The Good Life Radio x Sensual Musique. This popular channel has 412 thousand subscribers and 2 active live streams with thousands of listeners each. The one stream features relaxing house music for every hour of the day. The second stream features vocal deep house music that is also relaxing and ideal for listening to while working and studying.

#11 Live Radio Music

Live Radio Music is another channel with plenty of music live streams the fit every musical taste. At the moment, this channel has 10 active live streams with every genre of music. This way, every user can find something that matches his mood, whether he wants upbeat or slow and acoustic music.

These music live streaming channels have found something unique and for this reason, they have attracted a lot of subscribers. If you establish a channel like this one, make sure that you boost your videos by visiting Stormviews to buy YouTube likes.

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