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How to choose a mobile friendly casino in 2021

One industry that has arguably seen the greatest number of innovations in the past 20 years would have to be the mobile phone industry. If you were to think back to, or search on the internet to see, what mobile phones looked like 15 years ago compared to now, those innovations become blindingly obvious. Not only are the phones smaller, but they are much more powerful than computers at that time, and even rival some computer technology today.

Another industry that focused intently on mobile phones from the early 2000’s was the casino industry, which spent a lot of money on developing software that mobile phones would be able to run. It is only in the last few years that is has become possible for casinos to provide phone users with the same quality of product that online users have been enjoying for so long. If you are considering using a mobile casino, here a few things to look out for. If you’re strapped for time a good option can be to go to a high quality third party reviewer and let them do the hard work for you. For example when I was in New Zealand I used as I didn’t have time to work out which were the best online casinos. What I liked about them was they put together an easy to digest list of the best no deposit casinos in New Zealand, you can find the list here. This gave me more time playing pokies and less time researching.

Payment methods and site security

One thing that you will be spending a lot of time doing, aside from playing the games, is depositing or withdrawing money from the mobile casino, so it is important to check what payment methods are available. Some of the most trusted payment methods to look for are Neteller, VISA, EcoPayz and Skrill to just name a few. These payment methods offer security, which is crucial since you will be doing a lot of transfers. In addition to payment methods, site security is also very important.

The mobile casino, if it is using instant play, should at least be protected by SSL encryptions. If you have downloaded an app, pay attention to the permissions that it asks for, and deny any suspicious ones.

Easy to navigate interface

In order to find the games that you are wanting to play, you should check to see what kind of interface the mobile casino has, and test how easy it is to navigate to wherever it is you want to go. The interface should be simple, easy to understand and quick to navigate, and shouldn’t take more than a few clicks or taps to get around each of the menus.

Also make sure to look if the interface has a search and filter option; this is helpful if you know exactly what you want to play, or the genre of game you want to play, without needing to waste time manually searching through the hundreds of games to find it.

Welcome bonuses

Many people don’t know that online and mobile casinos actually have different welcome bonuses, and this is because the casino industry is incentivizing mobile play. Before registering to the casino, it would be a good idea to look through a few of them to compare welcome bonuses to find one that works for you.

In addition to this, different welcome bonus benefits different games, so if you are wanting to play slots, find a welcome bonus that will aid you in spinning the reels. Also make sure to check the wagering requirements.

Selection of games

Unfortunately, most mobile casinos have much fewer games than their online casino counterparts. This is not always the case, as most mobile casinos these days are just online casinos that have been optimized for mobile devices. Regardless, it would be beneficial for you to check the sites and see how many games are listed under their selection of games for the mobile casinos they provide.

This is after all why you are registering; to play games. It would be counterproductive to choose a mobile casino that doesn’t have many games to choose from.


The final thing you should, which is perhaps the most important, is the reputation of the casino. Every single legit casino has been licensed by one authority or another, and usually it is Malta. The license should be easy to find, somewhere on the home page, and if it is not, you can always request it.

Should the request go unanswered, there are other avenues available, such as searching for reviews on the internet; there will always be a review of some kind by a website, or a forum of players who have tried that website out. Read the reviews carefully, as some may just be paid, and others may just be written by customers who have been on a losing streak.

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