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Why Every Homeowner Should Invest in a Safe

There was a time when home safes were regarded as only for the rich and famous. The contents in a safe were imagined to be jewelry, gold, and glistening rubies. Today, safes have significantly changed and are now standard in many households. Safes provide a perfect way to hold valuables such as confidential documents, personal items and valuable keepsakes.

Safes are available in different styles and sizes, and can fit almost any budget. Home safes are a great investment, but remember: the higher the quality, the safer the contents. Below are some key reasons why every homeowner should consider investing in a safe.

Protect Valuables In Case of Fire

If there is a fire in your home, you can quickly lose valuables such as wills, cash, photos, birth certificates, and other deeds. When you invest in a high-quality and fireproof safe, you can easily safeguard your valuables from fire damage. Fireproof safes can withstand heat to a certain degree and remain secure until one can return to retrieve the contents.

When choosing a safe, you should consult a local locksmith service to ensure it has been thoroughly inspected and tested so that it can withstand a fire. You will get professional advice on the right type of safe for your needs, with the level of security and protection you want for your valuables.

Protection Against Water Damage

Water damage caused by floods can be a threat to you, your home, and your valuables. In case of a flood, you can be sure that you will save your important items with a good safe. Waterproof safes not only protect your personal belongings in the case of water damage to your home, but they also keep the valuables safe until you can retrieve them - most of these safes are designed to withstand a minimum of 48 hours of full submersion.

Keep Your Valuables Close to You

You can opt to leave your valuables in a safe deposit box in a bank, but this can be costly, and puts strangers in charge of your items to safeguard them. With a safe in your home, you can have full control of your things, and have access to them at any time. These home safes can easily be fixed and installed under a bed, under a floor, or into a wall.

With easy and convenient access to your valuables, you can get your hands on what you need anytime without going through third-party security agencies to protect what matters to you most.

Lower Insurance Rates

Owning a safe in your home may qualify you for discounted home insurance rates because you are at a lower risk of having “material loss.” Due to their durability and reliability, insurance companies might consider your home and property well-protected and therefore offer you a reduced rate on your policy.  

Increasing Crime Rates

Around two million homes are broken into every year, and it is undeniable that break-ins to homes will continue rising if proper security measures are not implemented. Furniture, electronic devices, and appliances are easy to replace in the case of a break-in. On the other hand, losing treasured valuables, documents, personal possessions, and saved cash is a huge loss.

Home safes provide burglary protection when they’re well-secured and anchored in the right place. When thieves cannot access the contents of the safe, they will also be unable to carry the entire safe, if it is properly installed. You can have peace of mind knowing all your valuables are secure and safe against any kind of theft in your home.

Invest in a Home Safe

With so many different sizes, options, styles, and price ranges available, it’s easy to find a home safe with the best features at a price you can afford. Take no chances and ensure you have the peace of mind and security that investing and owning a safe gives you.

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