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Some Pandemic Changes are Permanent

I sometimes think about that second week of March 2020 when everything changed. That Friday happened to be a Friday the 13th, and I had a few Toronto Mike'd guests visiting my basement, as well as Peter Gross for his podcast Down the Stretch and Mark Hebscher for his podcast Hebsy on Sports. David Rider of the Toronto Star, who visited me that Friday afternoon, was my last guest to visit my basement studio.

That week we stopped shaking hands. Suddenly, the handshake seemed like a really bad idea. I'm of the belief the handshake as a custom is gone for good. I don't think it will ever return. We can meet and greet people without pressing the flesh.

That got me thinking about other customs that likely won't return. Remember birthday parties where the birthday celebrator blows out the candles? That one's likely gone for good. It makes more sense to cut a slice in advance and stick the candle on that piece anyway. Or blow the candles out on a cupcake. Serving up germs for friends and family is so 2019.

I think the idea that the meeting has to happen in-person is gone for good. So many business meetings will be done remotely, saving several hours and many dollars in business travel. Some business travel will return, but much of it is gone for good.

After moving episodes of Toronto Mike'd to Zoom for a few months, I started recording in my backyard. It was awesome recording back there on a sunny summer's day. When mother nature cooperates, I'll continue to record outside, even long after the pandemic has dissipated.

Speaking of the office, many will never return to the office, and the work from home model will thrive. I was ahead of the curve on this one.

I don't think buffets will return post-pandemic. At least I'll always have the memories of eating far too much at the old Pizza Hut all-you-can eat buffets back in the day. I get full just thinking about it.

I'm sure a great  deal more pandemic modifications are here to stay. Leave a comment with some I've missed.

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