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Seven Top Casino Resorts in Canada

Currently there are over 700 thousand hotels and resorts all around the world. The natural question that follows this statement is - why?  Why are people so attracted to these resorts, and why do they choose to spend their hard-earned money and vacation days specifically there?

Well, the first reason that comes to mind is quite naturally the comfort of the resorts. Many people choose to travel to far-away places and expect a high-quality standard of living, that means a nice, organized, tasteful and clean room for starters, a good place to eat and try local and new dishes, and quite preferably a place for entertainment and sports as well, such as shopping malls or tennis and golf facilities.

Another reason why people tend to spend their holidays in resorts is the scenery. All around the world there are resorts located in exquisite and breath-taking places, whether it’s a repurposed castle on a mountain or a private villa in the Maldives, the experience of being one with nature and appreciating the wonders of our world while also living in comfort is, to say the least, very appealing.

One other major reason people choose to come to resorts is the casinos, that is, specifically to casino resorts. A casino resort is an establishment consisting of a casino with a provided temporary lodging. Guests receive the benefits of both gambling facilities such as slot machines, poker, blackjack, etc. And lodging, which includes food and beverages, swimming pools, valet parking, and other popular hotel services.

With its beautiful wilderness, towering mountain peaks, emerald forests, and stunning stretches of coastline, it’s no wonder that Canada is one of the most visited places on earth. It also happens to be home to some of the world’s major and best casino resorts, that quite often take advantage of its scenery. Here are some of the best casino resorts located in the "Great White North".

No. 1 - Casino Rama Resort

The first Casino resort on our list is the Casino Rama resort located just north of Toronto, Ontario. The casino offers a huge variety of different gambling games and machines, including 110 gaming tables and about 25 thousand machines, including 2500 slot machines. Other interesting features of the resort include a luxury, 289-room all-suite hotel, a 5000 seat entertainment centre, 8 unique restaurants and evening performances by world-known singers and performers such as Carrie Underwood, Jason Derulo, Mariah Carey, Alice Cooper etc, which all qualify the resort to be one of the best in the country.

No. 2 – Montreal Casino

The Casino de Montréal is considered as one of the largest casinos in the, and the largest one in Canada. Situated in the Notre Dame Island in Montreal, as suggested by its name, it offers a wide variety of gambling games, including over 3,200 slot machines, over 115 gaming tables, Keno facilities and a large number of speed lotteries and virtual games. Besides that, the casino also contains four restaurants, three bars, a cabaret, and a daily visitor rate of about 18 thousand people.

No. 3 – Casino Niagara & Niagara Fallsview Casino Resorts

I’ve chosen to include both the Casino Niagara and the Fallsview Casino Resorts together as they are situated several hundred meters from each other in the same area, facing the world famous Niagara Falls.  They are two of Canada's top casino resorts, albeit the Niagara Fallsview is newer and more well-known, as it is one of the most prominent features on the Niagara skyline. The Casino Niagara was the second casino to be opened in Ontario and the first to feature an electronic roulette. It has over 1300 slot machines, over 40 table games, a slot tournament area, 26 poker room tables and 3 restaurants. The Niagara Fallsview  directly overlooks the Horseshoe Falls and includes 374 rooms/suites, over 100 gaming tables (including poker tables), 18 restaurants, a nightclub, a shopping centre and a new 5000 seat entertainment center.

No. 4 – Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino

Caesars Windsor attracts about 6 million visitors annually, mainly from Ontario and states in the United States such as Michigan (right across the Detroit River), Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, all just a few hours drive away. It is publicly owned by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and a large portion of the profits are returned to the provincial government. With its Roman-based design, it includes a poker room with more than 14 tables, a lobby of slots and gaming tables, 758 rooms both in the Forum Tower and the Augustus Tower, 7 restaurants and a 5000 seat entertainment colosseum.

No. 5 – River Rock Casino Resort

Located near Vancouver and being by far the largest casino in the province of British Columbia, it is definitely a spot to visit. The West Coast rainforest-themed casino faces a charming marina and has over a thousand slot machines, horse racing gambling, VIP rooms, a total of 369 rooms and suites, and is famous for hosting the British Columbia Poker Championships.

No. 6 – Stoney Nakoda Resort Casino

This resort is set in one of Canada's most iconic picturesque Rocky Mountain settings, between Calgary and Banff in Alberta.  Featuring more than 250 slots machines and a full range of table games, poker rooms and off track betting, this resort-hotel & casino also offers in-house lounges, restaurants, a swimming pool, and a huge array of package day trips.  These excursions include trail horseback riding, alpine helicopter tours, golf courses, dog sled touring, a wolf sanctuary, river rafting, cave tours, and drive-in movie nights at the hotel car park!  Who has time left for the casino?

No. 7 – Diamond Tooth Gerties

Lastly, included as a seventh casino resort for good luck, is the small yet unique and charming Diamond Tooth Gerties, located in the northern territory of Yukon. It is Canada’s oldest casino, but that’s not the only special thing about it, as it’s also the only casino in Canada where patrons can gamble, drink alcohol, and watch live vaudeville shows (inspired by Dawson’s most famous dance hall star from the Gold Rush era, Gertie Lovejoy) in the same room. The casino features games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, 64 slot machines and Red Dog Poker.

Canadian Casino Resorts - Just Down the Road!

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