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Interesting Reasons Why Homeowners Prefer Concrete

Millions of metric tons of concrete are produced every year worldwide. A large portion of this is created in Canada in order to satisfy the demand of homeowners across the country from a variety of climates.

Concrete is used by homeowners for garage floors, patios, driveways, and even kitchen and bathroom floors. In fact, it’s preferred over other fancier materials such as wood, brick, glass, and stone. There are several reasons why concrete is the material of choice for homeowners.

Concrete is Affordable

Concrete is cost-effective for homeowners to use because it’s three key components, cement, water, and aggregate, are readily available and cheap. Concrete can also be shaped and moulded into a desirable area for homeowners, such as a garage floor. In addition, concrete doesn’t require a large sum of energy to be used.

Concrete Has a Long Lifespan

When mixed, dried, and set correctly, concrete can be last a long time. In fact, some ancient concrete structures even stand today after thousands of years. Likewise, many homeowners can expect their concrete floors to outlive them.

Concrete Is Easy to Maintain

It’s easy to clean concrete at home regularly with a good brush. However, over time, cracks can develop in concrete. While small crackers are normal, large cracks are a cause for concern. If big cracks are not repaired, they can worsen and require expensive repairs.

It’s a good idea to get your concrete floors polished to improve longevity and enhance looks. Not only do polished concrete floors look beautiful, but they're also easier to maintain.

Many homeowners go a step further by getting epoxy flooring in Toronto from a team of experts. Not only does epoxy flooring extend the lifespan of concrete surfaces, but it improves air quality in homes as it’s less likely to retain mould, mildew, dust mites, bacteria, moisture, and various allergens.

Epoxy flooring can also help homeowners save on energy bills as it enhances ambient light in a room. The stain-resistant nature of epoxy floor coatings is beneficial for your garage, especially if your car regularly brings in fluids, dirt, grime, snow, and salt.

Cars parked on epoxy floors also experience less wear because such floors are less abrasive. Not only is an epoxy floor suitable for your car's tires, but it's good for your car’s suspension.

Concrete Has Many Applications

Aside from the options mentioned above, concrete is used for basements, drains, pipes, swimming pool surrounds, accent walls, fireplaces, and kitchen counters at home. Of course, concrete can also be used for fancier purposes.

For example, concrete can be mixed with other, more luxurious materials for stylish finishes. Fancier concrete finishes include the limestone finish, which looks like limestone but at a lower cost, or a stamped finish, which looks like lavish natural stone but with more durability.

Concrete also experiences innovation. For example, science has helped create light-transmitting concrete, which contains optical fibres and glows in the dark. Homeowners can use this type of concrete for fascinating effects.

These are just four of the many compelling reasons why so many homeowners prefer to use concrete. While concrete appears simple, with the right applications, it can be quite sophisticated.

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