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Hebsy on Sports Takes a Breath

This morning, I joined Mark Hebscher for the 212th episode of Hebsy on Sports. It was an interesting retrospective as Mark shared newspaper clippings his mother had kept, including this 1987  scathing review of Sportsline by Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun.

We've been recording every Friday morning for as long as there's been a TMDS, but Hebsy needs a break. This episode 212 will be his final episode until he returns on December 31, 2020. There's no NBA and no NHL and Hebsy's stepping away from the mic to write his second book.

Next Friday morning will feel strange, but it's only a short break. Forget the fact I produce and co-host the show, I'll miss his independent takes and perspective. There's only one Hebsy, and although we don't always agree, I alway find him informative and entertaining.

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Update: Hebsy sent me more newspaper clippings that his mom just gave him.

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