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Introducing On The DL with Dana Levenson

I've been working with Dana Levenson on her new podcast and the first episode has finally dropped! Episode one features a candid discussion with Michael Landsberg. Here's a teaser.

Imagine if you could talk about your depression without feeling judged or petrified that you may lose your job, your friends, or even your family. Michael Landsberg, veteran sports broadcaster speaks candidly to Dana about decades of suffering, and the moment his world came crashing down one night while alone in a hotel room. The more we talk about mental illness as a brain disease the more likely we are to end the stigma. You are not alone.

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Listen to On the DL a weekly podcast with host, Dana Levenson as she engages in profound candid conversations with an exciting roster of guests. Get ready because this is the stuff people don’t talk about out loud.  Each show will feature an inspirational personality whose extraordinary story will entertain and inspire you to live a better life.
Over the course of her 20-year career, Dana’s relatable disposition became renowned for disarming interviewees and stimulating honest dialogue. Celebrated journalists, entertainment personalities, influencers and health experts will join Dana to offer insights and sound advice, on the down low.

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