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Canada Online Casinos Booming During Pandemic

Canada Online Casinos Booming During Pandemic

Many businesses are struggling or have already had to close their doors for good due to the pandemic. The economic cost to the world is going to dramatically change the face of the earth and we are still only near the end of the beginning. Retail and travel have been two of the worst hits in Canada but one industry that is bucking the trend are Canadian Online Casino sites.

Lockdown Boredom

Gambling has always been hugely popular online Casino Canada and you will find that most households at least play the lottery each week. For fun, during the lockdown and pandemic, many Canadians have turned to gambling as a way to relieve boredom.

Limited Sports During 2020

The pandemic has fueled a surge in online casino gambling as at one point, sports were banned completely. It meant that gamblers who would normally never try their luck playing casino games, made the switch as there were no other options.

Government Handouts Fueling Gambling Surge

To fund their gambling activity many have been using money that has been provided by the Canadian Government as financial support during these hard times. Some will get lucky and have the chance to walk away with a big profit but most will end up losing. With the economy collapsing and chances of employment limited, many are trying to get themselves out of the financial difficulty by gambling online. It is a dangerous game to play and will inevitably end in their financial downfall.  

Slots Number One With Canadians

Online video slots are the most popular casino game played by Canadians. During 2020 there have been a record amount of players accessing these games. Many Canadian casino bonuses are tailored towards these types of gamblers by including free spins.

Online Mobile Casino Games

Mobile gaming has been on the rise during the pandemic with casino games such as poker and blackjack games popular on smartphones. With many companies closing there have been recording levels of redundancies which has meant that many people have more free time. Due to the restrictions in place, they have not been able to do much which is why mobile gaming has been so popular to pass time.

Final Thoughts

Experts estimate it will take at least two more years before we start seeing signs of things getting back to where they were. The financial cost of the pandemic is massive and will result in a new structuring of our financial system. Expect to see cryptocurrencies play a greater role in our lives moving forward as the fiat-based system is on its knees.

The online gambling industry in Canada will continue to gain popularity during the pandemic. Many will take big risks to try and find some way of earning money as options for many without the skills for the new economy are going to struggle. It will mean casinos will have to play their part and make sure that there is not a gambling pandemic to deal with as the financial consequences of that can be huge.

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