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TMLX6 is September 18 at 6pm at Marie Curtis Park

When the pandemic was declared, plans for a big TMLX6 dissipated into the abyss. Here I was trying to disrupt things and COVID-19 said "hold my beer".

I'll be damned if I'm going to let the summer of 2020 end without hosting TMLX6. I'm always telling my kids "safety first", so TMLX6 will be a very lowkey, chill collection of FOTMs on the Toronto side of Marie Curtis Park at 6pm on Friday, September 18. We'll gather just north of the playground. I'll bring cold beverages and you're welcome to bring your own chair or blanket or whatever makes you comfy.

This is a physically distanced outdoor check-in to celebrate surviving our first pandemic summer. Drop by and say hi... I'm not bringing the studio, we'll just introduce ourselves and have a big 'ol chat about everything. Like I said, this is lowkey chill, and I'll be happy to gather with 5 FOTMs or 5000 FOTMs. Stu's set the over-under at 19.5.

Drop by TMLX6 and say hi. You can get there via public transit, bicycle, and there is plenty of parking in the park and just east of the park. If you have any questions, contact me!

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