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I'm Watching the Jays Game

Is this mundane fact worthy of a blog entry? Yes! I can't remember the last time I watched the Blue Jays on television because the vast majority of games have aired on Sportsnet ONE or another Sportsnet station I don't receive with my current cable package. But tonight's game (which we're currently losing 6-0) is airing in regular old Sportsnet.

I'm a Bell Fibe customer, and I subscribe to the Good package. As far as I'm concerned, it's overpriced, but it gives me TSN and Sportsnet and that means I got all the Raptors playoff games. Here's the sports stations that come with the Bell Fibe Good package.

If I wanted to watch more regular season Blue Jays action, I'd need to upgrade to Bell Fibe's Better package. It's about $26 more a month than the Good package.

I get why Sportsnet is airing so many regular season Jays games on Sportsnet ONE, they've been airing the Stanley Cup and Raptors playoffs, but it's really removed this season from my general consciousness. Because I'm not watching, I'm not feeling it at all. It's tough enough to get into a drastically shortened season with additional playoff spots.

Of course I could cough up the $26 / month and get every game, but I already feel like I'm paying too much, and at this point it's the principle of the matter. It could be 26 cents and I'm not sure I'd budge.

Here's hoping the Jays playoff games are on Sportsnet proper because I'm thinking I'm going to want to see that. And I can be very stubborn!

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