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4 Reasons All Canadian Adults Should Complete High School

It’s estimated that nearly 16% of Canadian adults don’t have a high school diploma. The reasons for not finishing high school, as you’d expect, are varied: some left school to pursue an early job, others lacked the resources to complete their education, and a few just didn’t pass.

And the further removed you are from high school, the less realistic it seems that you can go back and complete it. Why, you might ask yourself, would you need to get your high school diploma when you are already established in the workforce? And wouldn’t the fuss of taking high school courses as an adult outweigh the potential benefits of a degree?

But the bottom line is this: all Canadians should complete high school if they are able. Not only are there economic and employment perks, but the experience can also be enriching and accessible. If you don’t yet have a high school degree, here are four compelling reasons to get back behind the desk (or in front of the computer!)

You Increase Your Earning Potential

According to Statistics Canada, the difference in median individual income between high school diploma holders and those without a degree is stark. For those with “less than high school diploma,” it’s $26,600/year. For those with a high school diploma, the median individual income jumps up significantly to $34,400/year.

Bear in mind that this is just the median – or middle – amount of annual income. In many professions, high school diploma recipients stand to make much more than their diploma-less counterparts. Put that way, the time commitment and cost of going back to high school is entirely worth it.

There Are More Employment Options Available to Diploma Holders

If you’ve ever been passed up for an employment opportunity because of your lack of a high school degree, you understand the frustration. While it may seem unfair, a high school diploma has typically been the yardstick used to assess general competence in the workplace.

The bottom line is that with a high school diploma, you have more employment options available. And within those jobs, you have a greater chance of climbing the ladder.

Going Back to School Can Be Enriching in Many Ways

Listed above are the economic and employment imperatives for completing high school. But let’s discuss the lifestyle as well. Going back to school and immersing yourself in education can be very enriching. It can create a sense of accomplishment and open you up to new concepts and ways of thinking. Even if you aren’t motivated by earning potential or employment options, it’s still worthwhile to go back to high school.

Online Learning Has Made the Process Worry-Free and Flexible

Finally, let’s dispel a myth about going back to high school: it’s difficult for adults. You might think you have to assimilate into a high school class, sit next to teenagers or deal with a cranky teacher. That’s not true anymore. If you attend a Canadian online high school like Ontario eSecondary School for your education, you can complete your degree from the comfort of your home computer desk. You also have 12 months to complete a course, so you can easily work around your existing schedule. And the expert teachers and 24/7 on-demand tutoring at the school help you every step of the way on your educational journey.

If you’re considering completing high school, now’s the time! With online learning, getting those necessary credits has never been easier or more flexible.

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