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Popular Communities That Toronto is Known For

Toronto is a city that can only be compared to other massive cultural centers like New York, Paris, or Berlin. People from all walks of life have gathered here to share their culture and interests. Around the city, you can find many dedicated groups of people indulging in their passions for art, music, sports and more. Here are some of the communities that Toronto has really become known for.

The Gaming Community

Canada has many hotspots scattered about for card games like poker and blackjack, but Toronto really is the mecca of it all. Here, poker legends like Daniel Negreanu and blackjack extraordinaire Monica Reeves really refined their skills. Even today, there is a huge dedicated community around the different card games. Players get together to discuss the strategies they use for table games or when they are playing hands of leisurely or competitive online blackjack. Luckily, Canada has a much better casino industry than many other countries, with numerous locations in Ontario, as well as Saskatchewan, Alberta and more. This means the gaming scene across Canada is thriving.

The offer is not limited to just games like blackjack and poker either. Even classic games like bridge or hearts have some groups centered around it. If you are more interested in board games, they are making a huge comeback around the city. According to the website Meetup, there are weekly communities for Dungeons and Dragons, GO, Risk, and many more. If you loved playing board games in the past but got caught up in the video game world, Toronto is a great place to get back into them.

The Indie Music Scene

While the country music roots of Nashville are legendary, and New Orleans may have its jazz, Toronto has become the absolute global center for indie music. This genre of music is known for its dedicated musicians that remain independent from any major label and embody a do-it-yourself mentality. For decades, Toronto has been the launchpad for numerous bands like Metric, Tokyo Police Club, The Carps and tons of others.

The music ecosystem in Toronto is really what sets it apart from other places. Here, small venues actually invest in and support up and coming bands, creating a tight-knit community that brings each other up. The audience that attends these shows are also normally very active and enjoy participating and singing along. Of course, local indie radio stations also help promote these new bands and allow their music to be broadcast. For up and coming indie bands, there is probably no better place in the world than Toronto.


Toronto really is one of the world’s most diverse cities when it comes to cultural representation, to the extent that possibly only NYC can rival it. If you find yourself in the mood for Mexican food, or Indian, Mediterranean or anything else, chances are you can find a dedicated restaurant nearby. With limitless food choices, and an attitude towards pushing cuisine and the restaurant industry in unique ways, Toronto is a paradise for foodies.

One thing is for sure, residents here really take advantage of it. There are numerous bloggers and Instagrammers around the city that document their daily quests for the perfect meal. On Facebook, there are many groups centered around the ever-growing food scene in Toronto. Some enjoy the casual lunch places, others focus on cafes, but there are also several grounds that prefer the fine dining experience. If you’re new to the area, check out the variety of food tours that take you around to some of the most famous dining locations.

Rest assured, Toronto is changing the foodie world in many unique ways. The community here is always looking to the newest trends and implementing them locally. For instance, food trucks have really found a home here, and there are more truck parks popping up every day. If you’re looking for a delicious and cheap meal on the go, these cannot be beat.

Specialty food shops are also in high demand for anyone looking for rare olive oils or exotic spices. For anyone with sensitive diet concerns, there are more options than ever for vegan, soy-free and gluten-free meals. Even junk food is being taken to the next level.  Places like Junked Food Co offer sensational waffle sandwiches, Doritos nachos “smash bags” and even specialty cookie dough cones. Nearby Toronto Popcorn has tons of unique popcorn creations. Overall the foodie community in Toronto is absolutely one of the best in the world and you have to explore for yourself to see the options available.

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