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Happy Birthday TMDS!

Two years ago today, TMDS took the leap from "concept" to "business". The hard launch wasn't until September, but the soft launch was exactly two years ago, the day I got my Business Identification Number.

Even though I've only been at this two years, I've learned so much and have had to stick handle an unprecedented disruption. I prefer to do the disrupting around here, but COVID-19 dropped like a hard Dave Stieb slider. Four months ago, everything changed.

Once you think you've figured it out, prepare to pivot. Prepare to reimagine everything and improvise, adapt and overcome. If you're not small and nimble, you're just small.

So happy birthday TMDS! You're definitely one of the very best things I've done in my life.

If anyone wants to chat about how TMDS can help with your brand and/or business, here's the bat signal.

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