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Gain An Online Premise

Regardless of what you do and what your goal in life is, you can only benefit from having an online presence. Of course, there are also plenty of reasons to limit your connection to the internet. However, if you're being smart about it, you can only gain from being on the web. Now, speaking of being present online, I don't mean to go on Instagram and like pictures 24/7. You probably won't gain much if you sit on your Facebook account all day writing meaningless comments to various posts and statuses. That is not what it means to be productive online.

Leaving your mark through the amazing world of the internet is something completely different. There is a multitude of reasons as to why that can be beneficial. You could be a business owner who is looking for ways to get more customers. The web also allows you to start a business from scratch with no funding and zero prior experience. Also, you can use various online platforms, websites, and social networks as a creative outlet. Now, you'll notice how all of these things don't require you to be online. If you don't feel safe or confident, or if you don't have the necessary knowledge (though it is quite easy to learn how to be on the web and do business through it) then, by all means, your life probably won't suffer from you being offline. On the other hand, there's so much to be gained with more and more people connecting through their PCs, smartphones, and tablets that they use for much more than to simply play free sex games.

Take small business owners as an example. Say you have a shop or a store somewhere in the city, with a certain number of loyal customers. Word of mouth is good marketing and you surely attract more people that way. However, when someone completely new might be looking for the type of service you offer, he'll most likely look it on the web. If you, at minimum, don't have a social media account, you're unknowingly losing customers and, in turn, money every day. And, if you're being even a tiny bit serious about your business, you have to have a website up and running. Those who don't are losing more and more credibility as time goes on. That doesn't mean you'll go bankrupt today but if someone appears with the exact same skillset, but he goes to the web, he'll probably outlast you in the long run.In the end, you can be online for the sake of fun. And, instead of being a simple consumer, you can have much more fun creating content. Start a Youtube channel or create your own podcast. Write stories and post them on dedicated websites. If you're an artist or a photographer, there are plenty of places to post to and create an online presence, or even following, when you're not playing those free adult games for fun.

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