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Changes Are Coming....

I suppose the catalyst for the changes coming to this here corner of the web is the fact the connection used to load this site uses TLS 1.1. That's been deprecated, so it's time to update the certificate. But not so fast! This here server is ancient, so it's time to move. And since I'm moving, it's time to change the CMS. In other words, plenty of changes are coming!

In the meantime, depending on your browser, you may start seeing scary warnings that the secure connection has failed. This is especially true for you Firefox users. Hopefully there's a link that lets you enable TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 so you can visit while I work on moving hundreds of thousands of comments and 20,000 entries to the new platform.

Afterall, my forms don't ask for anything that needs to be secure...

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