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An Ultimate Online Casino Guide

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The online casino market has been growing exponentially for many years and it doesn’t look likely to slow down any time soon. In 2020 the global online gambling market was valued at $59.6 billion, up $6 billion from the previous year. That’s a phenomenal growth rate of more than 10% in just one year and experts predict that this rate will continue to rise. But what is driving this industry expansion? Online casinos didn’t exist until 1997, yet in just over 20 years they have become the fastest growing part of the gaming industry. And for this massive rise in popularity, online casinos have the video gaming industry to thank.

Video games have led the development of both hardware and software technologies over the past few decades. Faster processors have meant that machines can support better graphics, quicker loading times and more active players at once. And these are all things that online casinos have also utilised in order to appeal to more and more players. Online casino sites now host an array of colourful, animated games of everything from slots and video poker, to live roulette and blackjack. Live games have been a breakthrough in the last year, with players now able to stream video from real tables and interact with the dealer. Now you can get the feel of playing in a real casino but at a time and place that is convenient to you.

And that’s one of the biggest perks of playing at an online casino: you can do it from the comfort of your own home. For people who find traveling difficult, online casinos have opened up another form of entertainment. And with the development of mobile gaming, people are now able to play anywhere, making boring commutes and hospital waiting times a thing of the past. Mobile gaming technology has been a major breakthrough for many industries, and all the best online casinos have app versions of their software that can be downloaded onto a mobile or tablet, although they will also work in the mobile browser.

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Mobile phone development has enhanced the growth of the online gambling market, with many now using apps to access games.

Other advantages of playing at an online casino include being able to set limits on your deposits so that you don’t overspend; being able to meet and chat with friends online; and having instant access to hundreds of great games. To make sure you pick a good casino, make sure you look for one that is licenced and regulated – that way you’ll know that your money is in safe hands. Also look for a casino which has different table/bet limits and offers a lot of choice. Most online casinos invest in a variety of different games so that you can always find your favourite, whereas others choose to specialise in poker, slots or bingo, therefore bringing you more options on how you want to play.

Online slots are the most popular online casino game, with bingo and poker not far behind. But now due to the live play option, land-based casino favourites like blackjack and roulette are seeing a surge in players. Roulette is also available in digital form, with players able to make their bets and then watch a virtual wheel spin, however this does not quite match the excitement of watching live. The game pays in exactly the same way, except with the live dealer spinning the wheel. Veteran roulette players will tell you that a computer simulation cannot replicate the nuances of a live wheel and, although live odds are slightly lower than the digital odds, it greatly enhances the experience. An online roulette in Canada for real money is always a popular favourite amongst players.

The online casino industry is expected to keep growing, but by how much and in which direction will depend on which new technological developments are the next to be implemented. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality games are becoming more widespread, and if online casinos start to use these in their games then you could soon see 3D casinos coming to life in your living room. With the ability to walk from table to table, or just sit at the virtual bar and voice chat with your friends, this would completely overhaul the online casino experience and appeal to even more potential customers.

There are lots of online casinos out there, and they all have plenty of appealing qualities. Don’t just be won over by starting bonuses, make sure the casino you chose to use hosts the games you want to play, in the formats you want to play them. Look for certified and licenced operators who will look after your money and remember to play safely and responsibly.

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