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46% Of Canadians Prefer Mobile Gaming

Almost half of Canadians prefer to play video games on their mobiles. This was one of the findings by the University of British Colombia, which discovered that 46% of us now reach for our phones instead of our computers or consoles when we feel like playing a game.

The news will come as no surprise to anyone who’s been visiting games sites such as Royal Panda in Canada on their phone for years. From Candy Crush to casino slot games, there are literally millions of entertainment options out there – and what better way to enjoy them than from our own back pocket?

This post will explore the factors behind the extreme rise in popularity of mobile gaming.

Mobile gaming is more accessible

When was the last time you left the house without your phone? Whether we’re suffering through our daily commute, sitting in a coffee shop, or simply going for a walk, most of us take our mobile phones with us wherever we go.

While gaming on a desktop is an activity we might save for our downtime at home, mobile gaming is something we can enjoy from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Whether we want to relax or are just looking for a boredom-buster to get us through the last fifteen minutes before we arrive at work, playing games on our phones is a pastime that’s available to us almost 24 hours a day.

Mobile sites rank highly for SEO

Another possible explanation for the increase in mobile gaming is the improvement in mobile optimisation. This has been a rapid change since Google started penalising sites for being non-mobile friendly in around 2015 – which meant that brands whose websites didn’t work well on mobiles started ranking lower for SEO (search engine optimisation).

As a result, online gaming companies have had to make their games more mobile-friendly, or risk losing out to their competition. This means that the overall standard of mobile gaming has hugely increased over the last five years, making it easier than ever for us to enjoy games on the go.

From the graphics to the gameplay, almost every aspect of mobile gaming is now just as advanced as its PC or console counterparts – with the added bonus that we can access it whenever, and wherever, we want.

Mobile gaming doesn’t require special equipment

Mouse, keyboard, controller, external hard drive – the list of equipment you need for gaming on a desktop (or games console) is expensive, can wear out quickly, and takes up a lot of extra space in your home.

Even casual gamers can find it frustrating not to have the right accessories. This is particularly annoying if the game you’re playing requires fast responses, which can be hindered by equipment that’s too clunky or difficult to use. If you’re playing a casino game for money, then it’s even more infuriating to think you might miss out!

Mobile gaming, on the other hand, requires no specialist equipment to enhance the experience. Its success lies in its simplicity – a low-commitment, but high-reward, form of entertainment that we can play casually for five minutes or relax with for an hour.

With so many benefits to mobile gaming, it’s no wonder the industry is expected to outpace both growth and revenue in the PC and console marketplace.

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