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What Are The Bonuses Offered By Online Casinos In Canada?

If you are a gambler in Canada, you stand to benefit from various online casino bonuses that are offered by the country’s casinos as incentives and rewards. There are several types and sizes of bonuses; therefore, there is a need to research the best options that meets your needs.

If you are a new or an experienced one, you could benefit from the following casino bonuses types:

Welcome bonuses

The welcome bonuses are also referred to as sign up bonuses. The bonuses are one of the most popular incentives that target new players. Typically, casino players use this type of bonus to attract new players to their casino sites. Once you make your first deposit, you are entitled to receive the welcome bonus, which you can use to play your preferred match and win substantial cash prizes.

Some casinos offer a 100 % match welcome bonuses. This means that your welcome bonus will match your initial deposit. If you deposit CA$100, you will receive an extra CA$ 100 as a welcome bonus. Alternatively, you can choose to play in casinos that offer up to a 200 % bonus on initial deposits that you make.

Reload bonus

Typically, reload bonuses are offered to existing players to encourage them to keep playing by depositing afresh once their accounts are depleted. With the reload bonus, you stand to benefit from a percentage of the deposit amount you make at a given time. You can get a 75%, 50% or25% returns on the deposit you make.

If you reload your account with says CA$ 100 with a 50 % match on deposit, you will get a bonus of CA$ 50. The amount on offer usually depends on the site you playing your game. You will also have to make the required deposit within a given period if you want to claim your bonus.

Cashback bonus

With a cashback bonus, you get an opportunity to reclaim the money you lost during a game. Most casino sites will allow you to get back between 5 to 25 percent of your losses. However, these kinds of bonuses are rare to come by, and it is good to make the most of it whenever you get an opportunity.

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonus is one of the most popular online casino bonuses offered to players in Canada. The bonus is not tied to deposits, and therefore you can claim it before making any deposit. However, the bonus is designed for new players only. If you are a new player, you can use this bonus to test out the site before deciding on whether it meets your gambling needs. First, you need to create an account with a specific casino site like before you receive a deposit gift of CA$10.

Refer a friend bonus

If you refer a friend to a particular casino, you may benefit from a Refer Friend Bonus. However, before you get the bonus, your friend should first create an account and name you as the person who referred them to the site. You will also wait until your friend makes their first deposit before you are given the bonus.

Loyalty bonus

If you are a consistent and committed player at a specific online casino site, you may qualify for their loyalty bonus. The casino players use this bonus to engaged loyal players for a more extended period. The players who deposit and play in the sites often are rewarded with this kind of bonus to make them happy and feel appreciated. Most online casinos in Canada have various loyalty bonus tiers. The longer you play with them, the higher your level. Higher tiers offer better rewards to the most loyal players.

VIP bonus

VIP bonuses are the higher roller bonuses targeting players who often make massive deposits. Unlike the loyalty bonuses that are open to all players, the VIP bonuses are designed for a limited number of gambles. Access to the bonuses is through invites only. You need to make regular large deposits if you want to enjoy this type of bonus.

Banking bonus

Although it is not common, some online casinos offer banking bonuses to their players. The banking bonus is used by casinos to promote a particular banking method. You receive the bonus if you make deposits or withdrawals using the preferred method. Alternatively, you may also be offered free spins when you comply with a particular banking method which the casino is promoting.

Finally, if you are in Canada and looking to benefit from online casino bonuses, you now have several options. However, before you select a specific bonus type, pay close attention to the terms and conditions of the bonus on offer.

Some of the bonuses are designed for a specific group of players like the welcome bonus, which only new players benefit. Other bonus types require initial deposits before you are allowed to make any claim.

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