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How Canada’s Gambling Grew in a Good Way

The Growing Popularity of Gambling in Canada during the Quarantine Period

There is no shame to indulge in one’s hobby even if that is online gaming. In fact, nobody knows this better the Canucks who harbour an unconditional love for games of skills, such as blackjack. In fact, Canadians know that there are many places where they can enjoy games without paying a dime. And so, free blackjack at is one of those special places where a player can enjoy this thrill game. Since interest in gambling is growing, it’s time to take a closer look at what this entails exactly.

Interest in Gambling Goes Up

While online gambling is difficult to track in terms of numbers, because many companies prefer to keep the data private, there are some good and positive signs of a pick-up in online gaming. For example, you can see many more bingo and social casinos full. As it turns out, the interest in gambling isn’t necessarily related to anything negative as well.

In fact, people have turned to responsible gaming practices and many have been looking for live games in which they can partially socialize. Blackjack games are also very popular and communities are gathering around those as well.

Poker Benefits a Ton from Lockdown

Perhaps not too surprisingly at all, poker has been one of the online pastimes to soar. And how it has soared! Globally, poker has seen 200% increase in traffic as the shelter-in-place orders have persisted. Canada has been historically known as a place where people from North America can travel up and avoid many of the restrictive laws down in the United States to enjoy online poker.

There have been many tournaments, but not only those for personal gain. Not at all – in fact, many tournaments have been hosted with the sole purpose of doing some honest charity work, and not surprisingly, they have been very successful. There have been a number of high-profile poker events donating away millions – not only in Canada specifically, but all over the world.

The revived interest in gambling is definitely not a bad thing, especially when picking skill-based games such as blackjack and poker.

Slots Are Played Around the Clock

What about slots then? Slots are without a doubt the most played game out there and there is probably no reliable way to change that at all. They have also benefited from the temporary suspension of most other forms of entertainment. But why do Canadians turn to slots? Well, for the usual reasons. Slots are crazy fun to play. They offer a free play version, which means that you never have to spend a dime playing and, let’s face it, games such as Mega Moolah have made people millionaires and that’s a good thing.

Truth be told, there are thousands of slots that people would recommend you to play. Even though most share similar mechanics, you will still find new games to enjoy. Some admit that to them, the biggest draw has been the opportunity to win money, and that’s also an option. Yet, many people stick with the demo versions and they are perfectly happy.

A Huge Spike in Mobile Gaming

While different gaming segments have been growing, there has been a tremendous spike in mobile traffic. Mobile gambling has long crowned most charts, but since lockdown, this is definitely one of the busiest devices out there. People don’t just gamble at casinos from their smartphones or tablets though.

There are many social games they can find on popular social media that emulate gambling and are just as fun to play. Mobile also makes it easier to game as it allows you to carry the experience with yourself. Not that during lockdown there are many places to go to, but it’s still worthwhile nevertheless.

If you are a Canadian looking to play some of the best online gambling titles, you will probably reach for your phone first during the lockdown!

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