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GarbageDay Helps Fuel the #realtalk

I'm pleased to announce a new #realtalk partner on Toronto Mike'd. GarbageDay keeps you up to date with all the changes related to waste collection that are going on across the GTA and surrounding areas. If yard waste or other pickups are impacted by COVID-19 or holidays, you'll get notified. GarbageDay is a great tool to keep informed.

Simply visit this GarbageDay link to sign up. GarbageDay reminders are available via email, SMS and mobile app, so it’s very convenient based on your choice of communication. GarbageDay is in most cities across Ontario as well as Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba.

GarbageDay ends the guesswork related to the collection of waste and recycling. Subscribers no longer need to worry about missing a collection or trying to figure out what bin to put out at the curb. Be a good FOTM and join the club and let GarbageDay know partnering with Toronto Mike'd is not only good for the soul, it's good for business.

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