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Essay Writing Tips for University of Toronto Students

At the University of Toronto, essay writing is an important part of the curriculum, and students at UofT understand the importance of mastering the art of essay writing. However, writing essays doesn’t come naturally for most students, especially those whose majors are outside of the subjects of English or writing. What can you do to make your writing stronger and do better on your essays? There are a number of possible ways to improve, from enhancing your writing skills through a careful program self-improvement to hiring an outside expert to give you personalized essay writers help, or perhaps a Latin tutor. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that University of Toronto students can improve their essay writing.

Read and Understand the Essay Question

The most important reason that students fail essays is because they have misread the question, missed requirements, or otherwise produced an incomplete or off-topic paper. One of the best ways to improve your essay writing is to be sure you have read and completely understood the essay question and what is being asked of you. This might seem obvious, but many students skip over important instructions because they think they know what the paper wants before they’ve read the whole set of instructions through. Be sure you have read everything and understand what all the key points mean. If you aren’t sure of one or more instructions, ask for clarification. Also, be sure to check the rubric for further clarification. The rubric will tell you exactly what you are being graded on, so you can use it as a checklist to make sure you’ve hit all of the essential points you need your essay to achieve. This will help you to maximize your grade.

Outline Your Paper Before You Write

Another way to improve your essay writing is to outline your paper before you begin writing. Outlining may seem like a waste of time because it’s work that doesn’t end up in the final copy, but outlining can save you time and produce a better-quality final paper in the end. That’s because outlining gives you a roadmap to follow from start to finish. Using this roadmap will help to keep you on track, ensuring that you never wander off on a digression and making sure that you know exactly what to write in each and every paragraph because you’ve already done the hard work before you started writing. No more time wasted on dead-ends, and no more need to go back and change your thesis because your conclusion went off the rails and changed your whole paper after you discovered new research halfway through. The more preplanning you do, the easier it will be to write your essay.

Get a Second Set of Eyes

You can also improve your essays by asking a friend or family member to read your paper before you turn it in. A second set of eyes can help you to see things from another perspective and to identify areas where you may need more clarity or better support. A second opinion can also help you to catch typographical errors that you missed when you proofread or reviewed your paper. Your reader should ideally be someone who hasn’t taken the class and doesn’t know the question. If the essay makes sense to that person and is easily understood, then you have done a good job of writing an academic paper that can stand on its own and is more likely to meet requirements.

Hire an Expert

But what happens if these tips aren’t enough to improve your essays? Fortunately, there is a solution the University of Toronto students know very well: They can pay someone to deliver the help they need by using an online service to write their essays. If you’ve been around the UofT campus, you’ve seen signs advertising the services of one of Toronto’s many essay-writing outfits that promise to write your essay for you for a fee. These paper writing services range from adequate to excellent, but figuring out which one to call up or email to say “Write my essay like an expert!” can be a challenge.

There are some things to look for when trying to find the right online expert to write your next paper. Any service that promises to provide a free paper is almost certainly offering low-quality work. Would you write your paper just for fun? Services that produce quality work charge a fair price and use expert writers who hold advanced degrees in their field. One example is, whose writers hold Master’s degrees and PhDs. By using expert writers who have a deep understanding of their subject, you will receive a well-written paper that has the depth of knowledge and powerful research to serve as a terrific model for your own paper.

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