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Best Forex Trading Podcasts in 2020

Are you looking for places where you can learn about forex trading? Well, it is a great idea to learn from those who have already walked through the same path. It is also a great way to make learning more adventures and enjoyable. In recent years, trading podcasts have become very popular and a great way to learn a lot instead of wasting your time. You will get some great help and inspiration from it. Whether you want to learn Conditions trading AvaTrade or currency trading on any other famous platform, podcasts can be beneficial.

In this article, we are going to share some top podcasts that can help you learn forex markets and stock trading.

Desire to Trade

This podcast is run by Etienne Crete, who is also the owner of Desire to Trade website. Every week, Etienne interview the top and success leaders in the industry to get some tips on making your trades profitable. You can find about 200 episodes of the tricks, tips, and exciting stories on his website.

Two Blokes Trading

It is one of my favourite podcasts that covers lots of interesting topics. It was started by Tom and Owen to help the viewers learn to trade. Furthermore, they have also discussed their journeys in the podcast. However, the trend has changed since Brandon takes the place of Owens. The topics of the podcast can vary from interviews with the prop traders and hedge fund managers. They release a new podcast each Monday.

Chat with Traders

Another great podcast is “Chat with Traders” which is hosted by Aaron Fifield. Aaron is a trader at a firm in Sydney and a trade manager.  It is also an interview-based podcast in which guests can talk with the professional traders. It is no doubt one of the famous and growing trading podcast due to its observations and intriguing stories.

Rich Dad Radio Show

“Poor Dad” and “Rich Dad” were two books written by Robert Kiyosaki. If you have some knowledge of financial markets, then you must have heard about these books.

In the second book, the writer tells the story of two fathers who deal within an entirely different way. The Rich Dad Radio Show is a podcast that helps guests with personal finance and investment. Furthermore, it also includes advice on business in the podcast. Every week, Robert Kiyosaki interviews the professionals, where you can learn tips and tricks about investment.

Motley Fool Money

Another great and famous podcast to learn some tips and news about stock trading. In it, there is a team of the analyst to break down the big investment stories. It also includes the interviews of the forex traders. In addition, the service promises you instant alerts whenever a stock changes price. The website also posts news to members, so you don't have to spend your day monitoring the market. But before you sign up, read this Motley Fool review carefully.

Tasty Trade

This podcast goes live on each weekday from 0700 – 1030 am CT. In this, the organizers discuss a different kind of trade ideas. It also has other different types of shows to offer.

Final Words

If you want to learn to trade, then you should consider these podcasts, where you can learn tips, tricks and get the latest success stories of the traders.

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