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The Keitner Group Partners with Toronto Mike'd

I first met Austin Keitner a few years ago when mutual friend Lou Schizas introduced us. I recognized the name Keitner immediately because I frequently spot Keitner Group For Sale and Sold signs during my daily bike rides. They have quite the presence in my hood.

I got to know Austin, his wife Jocelyn, his brother Joel, and others at The Keitner Group, attending their charity events in support of the Franklin Horner Community Centre and other fantastic local causes. Then, when a sponsorship opportunity presented itself for January 2020, they stepped up to help fuel the #realtalk.

The Keitner Group has committed to six months, and I'm hopeful FOTMs step up and ensure that gets extended. As I say in the new intro for Toronto Mike'd, they love helping buyers find their dream home.

Text "Toronto Mike" to 59559 for a free home evaluation or to ask Austin any questions you have about Toronto real estate. Or heck, do it to thank The Keitner Group for partnering with a local, independent podcast.

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