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Ruby and Alex Gone from 102.1 the Edge

Although the announcement was made in September 2018, the brother-sister duo of Ruby and Alex Carr didn't make their 102.1 the Edge morning show debut until January 2019. Now, one year later, they're gone.

Today is Ruby and Alex’s last day at the Edge. When good people leave it’s always difficult, but we wanted you, our listeners to hear it from us. Ruby and Alex are great people and this is a hard day. We’ve enjoyed having them here and wish them the best on their next adventure.— 102.1 the Edge (@the_edge) January 22, 2020

I will discuss this in depth with Marc "12:36" Weisblott on the January 30th episode of Toronto Mike'd, but feel free to speculate on who is next to get the morning show in the comments.

Some possibilities are:

  • Dean Blundell
  • Strombo
  • Meredith Geddes and Kolter Bouchard
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