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Rings Types, Styles, and Designs: A Mini-Tour Through a Jewelry Box

Most fashionistas, men and women alike, have at least one ring in their repertoire. Minimalistic, cocktail, phalanx, engagement rings, signets… the list can go on and on. If you want to expand your jewelry collection with a couple of chic rings, it won’t hurt to know what types are out there. We compiled the guide through the most popular designs that, hopefully, helps you pick a ring that hits the spot.

Ring classification

The range of rings can be broken down by design, construction, type of stone faceting, materials, as well as the shank width.

We start wearing wedding rings immediately after getting married. The classic wedding ring design features a smooth shank with no ornamentation. Catholics wear wedding rings on the ring finger of the right hand whereas Orthodox Christians – on the left hand. Modern engagement rings amaze with a variety of materials and designs, including enamel and stone inlays.

Solitaire rings are models featuring a single precious stone. More often than not, these rings become engagement presents. After the wedding, a bride can remove such a ring or wear it along with the wedding ring. In most cases, solitaire rings feature a diamond of various shapes and cuts (round, marquise, emerald, cushion, etc.) but other precious stones (amethyst, emeralds, sapphire, ruby, topaz, and so on) are also popular.

A halo ring is a type of engagement ring with a large stone inlay in the center as well as a halo of smaller stones along its perimeter. Normally, its shank carries inlays as well.

Eternity rings have inlays, engraving, or embossing along the entire band. They represent a circle that has no end or beginning, the same as the eternity that will never come to an end. It makes a perfect gift for anniversaries and birthdays to showcase your love.

Openwork rings feature intricate designs shaped like curls, flowers, geometrical figured, etc. Due to their sophistication and femininity, they will suit elegant ladies.

Cocktail rings are spectacular large-sized jewelry items that became popular in the 1920s, the era of the Prohibition and underground parties. This is a ring goes with a single massive stone while the band is often generously inlaid with a scattering of small inserts. Often, such rings sport oriental motifs, birds, animals or flowers. Cocktail rings may be worn on any finger. Its main goal is to attract attention and draw in the eyes to the wearer's hands. Sometimes, they are called ‘the right-hand rings’ although there are no strict rules on how to wear this eye-catching accessory.

Cameo rings boast an antique design. Their central part carries a cameo, a convex image of a person's profile.

Signet rings have a flat platform with an engraved crest or initials (although modern rings of this type can have any patterns). In the Middle Ages, a signet’s owner would put it in warm wax to seal letters. It served as a signature and proof of document authenticity. Signets are exclusively men’s ornaments. One of the most famous signets is the ones made for Popes, otherwise known as the Rings of the Fisherman. They serve as a reminder that the pope is the heir to the apostle Peter, who was a fisherman. Each pontiff gets a unique personalized signet with his initials and symbols he personally chooses. After a pope’s death or abdication, his signet is destroyed.

Phalanx rings adorn the first or, most often, the second phalanx of a finger. Such ornaments have been known since the Middle Ages. They served as evidence of belonging to the upper stratum of society. There are different types of phalanx rings:

• all-finger - a ring covers the entire finger or two phalanges;

• midi-ring – an item for the middle or upper phalanx;

• multi-finger - a ring for several digits or one finger but featuring a chain that connects two bands;

• brass knuckles – items that cover the lower phalanxes of two, three or four fingers at once.

Transformer rings let you swap their pieces, replace the upper parts, or rotate the band. Some rings transform into pendants or earrings. The most famous type of these decorations is spin rings.

Trinity rings feature a shank made of three different metals (or the same metal of various shades). These three colors symbolize love, faith, and hope. The design was created by Louis Cartier in 1924.

Claddagh rings are Irish traditional jewelry items constructed in the form of hands holding a heart. Above the hands, you can see the crown. All three elements carry their own meanings. Hands stand for friendship, the heart signifies love, and the crown is a symbol of loyalty. This design is known since the 17th century.

Besides these popular designs, you can find many more options in jewelry stores. For instance, bikers, rockers, and Goths flaunt rings with uncongenial symbolism such as skulls, bats, iron crosses, wolves, etc. If you enjoy incongruous symbols in jewelry, you can unearth a multitude of striking items at Bikerringshop. On top of that, there are watch-rings with a dial, secret rings, 2-in-1 transformer rings, etc. The selection is endless, so you have plenty of options to add to your personal jewelry collection.

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