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How to Keep Yourself Occupied Inside Once Winter Sets In

Winters in Toronto are harsh, cold, and unforgiving. With temperatures dropping as low as 23°F, it might not be the chilliest place in Canada, but it’s definitely enough to deter most people from spending prolonged periods outdoors.

This means that finding ways to keep yourself occupied inside takes a sharp climb up your list of priorities from November onwards, and it’s surprising how quickly you can find yourself with nothing to do.

That’s what gave me the idea for this article. Sharing four fun and original ways to entertain yourself at home, you might just find that it comes in very handy this winter.

Organize a movie marathon


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Finding activities to enjoy indoors can be difficult when winter stretches interminably onward, but it’s complicated twice over when you have more than one person to keep occupied. Something that appeals to you, your partner, and any other housemates is needed, and luckily, this idea can work for absolutely anyone.

We’re talking about organizing a movie marathon. Stock up on popcorn and snacks in advance, make sure you have plenty of blankets and cushions to hand and turn your living room into the ultimate at-home cinema. Try to pick out either a theme or a franchise that everyone will enjoy, whether you opt to watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy from start to finish or binge on Christmas films once December comes around.

You can keep the theme going once the credits roll by looking at other forms of entertainment that are in keeping with it. Considering the variety of slots available online, for example, directory sites like can be useful for helping you find a game you're interested in, with offerings like the Scrooge slot from LeoVegas for those in search of festive fun.

Try your hand at gaming

While movie marathons are a great way to keep everyone occupied, you need more ideas in the bank if you want to make it through a Toronto winter without going stir crazy, and gaming is another good option.

We’re not just talking about video games, but old-fashioned board and card games too. Not only can your whole household get involved in these, but there are also options that are suitable for when you’re home alone, from Patience through to online alternatives like live casino and slots. If you really want to test your dexterity and have some fun, get some alcohol in, stock up on snacks, and settle in for a night of Twister.

Take up some form of indoor exercise


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Walking and jogging are great ways to stay in shape during the summer months, but they don’t seem so appealing once the cold weather sets in. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up on them entirely, the reality is that you’re likely to do them less once winter comes around, so it can be good to take up some form of indoor exercise as well to round out your fitness regime.

Luckily, there are lots of options to choose between, from at-home yoga through to communal classes at your local gym. We recommend having a quick google to give you some ideas, as reading through articles like this one can provide plenty of food for thought.

Whip up something tasty in the kitchen

If you've tried all of the above and still have spare time on your hands, why not make the decision to improve your culinary skills? Whether your cooking is limited to boiled eggs and toast or your specialties are extensive, there's always room for improvement, and the upside is that the more you practice, the more tasty treats you'll have in the house to eat.

A good way to do it is to identify a specific weakness. Are your curries not authentic enough? Then invest in a cookbook and have a bash at some of the recipes. Do your cakes struggle to rise? Head online and watch a few tutorials to help you identify where you're going wrong.

The best part is that your cupboards will soon be overflowing with delicious dishes, which offers the perfect excuse to get some friends around and enjoy a three-course dinner party with all the trimmings.

Isn’t it time you made all of those hours spent indoors just a bit more enjoyable?

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