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4 Key Qualities That You Want in a Wellness App

As the owner of a fitness centre, you know the importance of using technology that helps with the operation and also provides benefits for your members. The right wellness app will go a long way toward ensuring everyone is happier. As you look for a tool that will help you to run wellness business smoothly make sure the app includes these four key features. They will make things much easier for you, your staff, and your clients.

Online Booking for Personal Training Sessions

You do want plenty of features of the new app that are helpful for everyone concerned. One that’s great for the staff and for the clients is booking personal training sessions. Clients can use the app to log into their accounts, check the open spots for one-on-one sessions with one of your trainers, and then reserve the time on the spot. The right app provides confirmation that the session is booked, and also updates the trainer that the spot is taken. All this happens in real time, so there is no chance for the trainer to be overbooked.

Easy Registration for Fitness Classes

The same approach holds true when a client wants to participate in a fitness class. All it takes is logging into the account, checking which classes are available, and when those classes are held. The client can then enroll in one of the classes with ease. Even as the client receives a confirmation of registration, the class instructor gets updates. This continues until the class reaches capacity and is closed to any further registrations.

Payment Submission and Account Tracking

Tracking client payments is great for everyone involved. At any point in time, your client should be able to use the app and log in to his or her account. Part of the detail will include checking to ensure that the payment currently due has been received and posted. If the client prefers to make payments rather than use some sort of automatic draft from a bank account, that app should make it possible to initiate the payment. From there, the client will know when  it’s received and posted.

On your end, the accounting team will be able to review client accounts and know which are paid up to date, which have payments pending, and which need to receive reminders that it’s time to pay or to renew their memberships for another term. This will go a long way toward keeping your financials in order and also keep the aging on those accounts within reason.

Marketing and Promotions

Did you know that the right fitness app can also serve as a great way to promote upcoming events to your clientele? The app can provide notices about classes that are starting in the next month, alert them to days when they can bring a guest for free, and even open houses and other promotions that they may want to attend. Depending on the type of event, the app may even include the ability to let you know they plan on coming.

There are other features you want in a fitness app, but these will help you get started. Remember to take advantage of free trial periods and give every feature a try along the way. By the end of the trial period, you’ll know if that particular app is a good fit for your business.

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