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The Growing Importance Of Business Security In 2020

One of the largest security breaches in Canadian history took place in 2019  when Capital One was hacked, proving that not even the big companies are safe when it comes to security. Having the proper security is growing in importance, and it's imperative for businesses to be on top of it heading into the new year. Whether you’re a podcaster or the CEO of your own company, knowing what you can do  in terms of cybersecurity and on-premises security can be a major factor in the future of your business in 2020.

Security threats are evolving

One of the biggest data breaches in Canada’s history happened in 2019, and there’s no telling what the new year can bring: criminals, hackers and malware are constantly evolving. In fact, new malware is created constantly, proving that updated security precautions are a necessity in 2020. And, while many may think to solely upgrade their cybersecurity this year, physical security is just as important for any business - while Canada is considered a relatively safe country, businesses still remain vulnerable to robberies, theft, and other physical crimes.

Thankfully, security is evolving right along with technology and the criminals who infiltrate it, as artificial intelligence (AI) is being  used to aid in cybersecurity. This can be especially beneficial in today’s digital age, as it’s being trained to detect anomalies and potential security threats through pattern recognition software, allowing it to keep up with the evolution of cybersecurity threats. Physical security measures have also seen an upgrade in the past decade, with modern versions of security cameras now having the ability to connect to smartphones and alert the user of suspicious activity as soon as it takes place through notifications and live video feeds.

The benefits of simple precautions

As a business owner or manager, implementing simple security precautions can be a great first line of defence in protecting against malware, theft and general safety threats alike, not to mention that it can bring peace of mind in knowing that your business is as secure as possible. In addition to  life safety systems such as fire alarms that can save the lives of your employees, implementing the use of security cameras that can connect with your smartphone can also be a great idea, as can an access control system, which can allow only authorised personnel access to certain rooms/information through the use of ID badges - this can be especially useful in monitoring who accesses certain data and when. While multiple security precautions can be implemented at the same time, it’s important to remember that  cybersecurity is just as important.

While there are several ways you can physically protect your business, there are also many ways you can protect it online. For example, having antivirus software installed on work computers can help to safeguard against malware, and using complex passwords and two-factor authentication can ensure that only authorised people have access to sensitive data. In any case, having an updated form of cybersecurity that works for your business can prevent sensitive data from getting exposed and into the wrong hands, protect your reputation, and save you from costly damage repair - not to mention give your clients the peace of mind that their data is secure.

Security is a growing concern for any business in 2020, particularly due to the evolution of hackers, malware and criminals. Luckily, security precautions have evolved as well, and business owners and managers can easily install up to date systems.

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