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Soupy Sales, Don Imus, Howard Stern and Wolfman Jack

Don Imus passed away yesterday. Don Imus was a broadcaster I never heard but heard a great deal about because I listened to Howard Stern. When I learned of his passing, I tweeted this pic for WNBC-AM from 1985 featuring Soupy Sales, Don Imus, Howard Stern and Wolfman Jack.

And here's a great old ad for WNBC-AM from '85 featuring Soupy Sales, Don Imus, Howard Stern and Wolfman Jack— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) December 27, 2019

That's an iconic crew for New Yorkers, but what about a Toronto guy like me? I grew up watching American Graffiti everytime I stumbled upon it on CityTV's Late Great Movies. I just loved it. Wolfman Jack played himself in the film and I thought he was the coolest. I guess you could say I was a Wolfman Jack fan from a very young age, even though I never knew how to find him on my trusty blue transistor radio.

I discovered Howard Stern when Private Parts arrived in theatres in 1997. I loved that movie, and found the radio show airing on 92.9 WBUF in Buffalo. Yes, it was on Q107 later that year as well, but on 92.9 WBUF there was far less editing. Also, when Q107 dropped the show for Derringer, it remained on the air in Buffalo.

As for Soupy Sales and Don Imus, Howard Stern taught me about them. It was stories Stern would tell about Soupy, and Imus, who he seemed to despise. As much as Howard seemed to hate Imus, Robin seemed to hate him even more.

it'll be interesting to hear how Imus's death is eulogized on the Howard Stern Show. Even those of us without a SiriusXM subscription will find a way to listen.

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