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Messiah: Netflix’s 2020 New Series with a Twist

Netflix will never stop giving its subscribers that surprising and shocking feeling. You know that feeling you get after winning your first and the best online casino game? Yes, it’s the same feeling. Here is a look at the new trending 2020 Netflix Messiah Series.

The Plot of Messiah

The Netflix series is fully fictional. It looks at the life of Al Masih. Masih claims to have the answers to the problems that the ordinary people of Syria are facing.

On the other hand, CIA officer starts to investigate this controversial character on the basis that he is living a lie and trying to just stir up public unrest.

The CIA starts digging into Al Maish’s dark past and try to use it as leverage against him after his arrest.

On the other hand, Al Masih manages to disappear from his jail cell and his following grows to thousands frustrating the efforts of the CIA.

The Cast

The Netflix thriller is not exactly star-studded. Eva Geller plays the CIA agent whilst Mehdi Dehbi gives a great performance as Al Masih.

Also, the series producers are Micheal Petroni, Mark Burnett, Roma Downey, James McTeigue and Andrew Diane. Messiah comes under the direction of Brandon Guercio and David Nicksay.

The Audience Reviews

Netflix audiences form a Christian background have grown quite fond of the series with many asking for a second season. Most of the Messiah audience reviews write how the story has a close resemblance to that of the bible. Therefore it showcases the Christin which explains their strong attachment to the series.

The Ratings

Although the ratings of the Netflix series were low at first, the ratings grew from a three at the first episode to a 4.6 by the last episode.

It has a fast increase in audiences as over 90 per cent of the people who watched the series like it and are asking for a second season. According to a blog at it is likely that gaming providers might create a slot based on the series.


Messiah gives those thriller fans a twist of realigion that has been given a little bit of the modern touch. So if you like controversial stories then go to Netflix and try the series out.

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