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World-famous slot gamblers

What does define a good gambler? How can we decide if a player is great or he's just lucky? Before even answering those questions, we must take a step into the history of the casino.

Nowadays if someone hits a massive win at, or does something extraordinary, everyone knows about that “incredible” gesture in a blink of an eye thanks to the power of media.

For sure, it wasn’t the same in the past when the internet and the media, in general, weren’t that diffused. Even an extraordinary gesture could have happened in the silent of a remote casino in the middle of nowhere.

Today, we are going to tell you a story, which talks about a few of the most famous gamblers of history we happen to know.

We don’t know if everyone has this dream, but for sure, lots of people do have the dream to become famous. Some people, instead, want to prove something to themselves, others want to win, it doesn’t matter to which cost. All of them have something in common, they pointed casino as a vector to reach their goals.

Gamblers vs Games

Although all people pursuit the same goal when it comes to playing at casino games, which is winning money, there is a small percentage of people who does that with the only purpose of over smarting someone else.

Among these “peculiar” people there are also, and we are talking about very rare cases, naughty boys, people who make tricks, people who get obsessed with money and do whatever it takes to succeed in their “not nice intents”.

This is the case of one of the most famous gamblers of recent history, we are talking about Ronald dale Harris. The man who elaborated a mathematical algorithm to beat the game keno. Thanks to an accomplice, this man managed to win one hundred thousand dollars.

Unfortunately, his capability as an actor wasn’t that good as his mind.

Indeed, he attracted lots of suspiciousness on him when after winning he didn’t show any enthusiasm or surprise. He has been charged with 7 years. Fortunately for him, has been released after 2 years in prison.

Keys to success

There are people that we can define gifted. People who have a very brilliant mind and a massive brain, those people can understand things that others can’t. They can see things that other people cannot even imagine.

To give you an example, let’s talk about Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best football players ever existed. His enormous success isn’t luck or destiny. He has spent his entire life training himself like no one does.

He is the best athlete in this discipline and this commitment makes him the best football player currently playing.

Then taking Ronaldo as an example of what we can tell you, to be the best you must train yourself at the top level.

When it comes to online games training ourselves is a bit more complex than going to the gym. Then we must be smarter and take advantage of what online casinos offer us to improve our knowledge and reach perfection.

History of winners

When it comes to succeeding, not everyone is too focused on honesty. Unfortunately, the opportunity of winning makes people greedy and willing to make whatever it takes to succeed.

This is the story of one of the greatest winners of modern history in slot machines. His name is Tommy Glenn Carmichael, and he managed to win tons of money playing slot machine as no one else has ever done before.

Tommy was a very smart man who managed to fool many of the most prestigious casinos in Las Vegas for forty years. Born in 1950, this man wasn’t just a cheater, he was something more than that, he was a true leader, a man who made casinos lost millions of dollars, and thanks to his charisma he also made up and an entire squad of professional cheaters.

Eventually, he made a mistake which brought him straight to prison where he spent several years.

People who have changed their lives playing slots

So far, we have talked about people who spent more time cheating than playing. Now we are going to talk about those that we can consider the highest wins ever made by playing slot machines.

Six years ago, it was 2013, a man from Finland whose identity has remained unknown, made a win which changed his life forever. This mysterious man “went home” having in his pockets 17.8 million euros. Although his identity is still obscure, no one can forget about him, and the record he established.

A young man named Jon Haywood won 13.2 million pounds playing Mega Moolah slot. This military guy had a very special moment when, thanks to his stake of 25 pence, he managed to activate the super jackpot, which covered this 26-year-old guy with gold.

When we say slot machines can change your life, we mean it. It is just a coincidence or maybe not, but Mega Moolah is involved again in this maxi win.

This time over 8 million euros. If this booty doesn’t make you scream compared with the previous ones, is because you probably didn’t know that this superb mountain of money has been won by playing the mobile version of the slot machine.

Final thoughts

During their history slot machines have given to their players true moments of happiness.

With the advent of mobile, people can play wherever and at any time. These special moments now don’t have any kind of restrictions now.

There is nothing more exciting than screaming for joy.

History tells that the most famous people who won were cheating. They could bluff due to the low level of technology and security.

Nowadays slot machines, as well as all the other online games, are impossible to fool. And the reason is simple, million people are playing and million pounds are on the plate, then manufacturers invest in security more than any other aspect of the business.

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