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Video Post-Production Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. No shot diversity This is the most common error in video post-production. You can’t just cut out video fragments without changing the frame and not shifting the perspective of a viewer. Usually, this happens when a blogger cuts out unnecessary phrases or outtakes. This hits a viewer like a train. If a video is long, it will eventually get very tedious.

Due to constant jerking, such videos look inharmonious, and when viewed for a long time, they are annoying. Although there is a theory that the new generation perceives such cuts normally, and such editing makes a video, surprisingly, more interesting.

How to solve this issue?

There are two easy ways to solve this problem:

The first option: in order for the cut between two frames to look harmonious, it is necessary to make the cut less sudden. You can use some other relevant footage to put on top of a cut to make it unnoticeable.

The second option: Use another camera, which will shoot a video from a different angle. This is a more complicated option since you need to have two cameras.

2. Zooming

Another popular mistake in editing is when a blogger zooms the footage in post-production. This should be avoided, all the zooming should be done during the shooting process.

How to solve this issue?

To make the video look more professional, you need to shoot from two cameras from different perspectives. The first camera can shoot close-ups, the second – medium shots, but with a slight offset relative to the first. Then the process of gluing the shots together will be much easier.

3. The final product that seems to rapid or too slow

Now in the world, everything happens very quickly, we receive tons of information signals at the same time. Someone is watching a video and simultaneously chatting in messengers and so on. Our perception has changed a lot over the past 20 years. Try to watch old movies, you will need to force yourself not to be distracted. This is normal, everything is changing, and we are changing as well.

These changes must be used in the process of post-production. Frames that are too long drive the viewer into a dream, too dynamic editing can cause dizziness. It is important to adhere to a certain rhythm of communication, so that the viewer is comfortable watching the video.

If you are shooting a vlog or review, cut off excess information and value the time of the viewer. If you are editing a dynamic video or a promo, alternate between long and short frames so that the viewer does not feel sick when watching a video.

4. Bad drone footage

The drone tries to navigate the terrain and spins around its axis. Or, it flies forward, then stops and starts flying to the side. These moments need to be cut - these are bad shots.

How to solve this issue?

Professionals use only successful drone shots. Make it a rule to use only one phase of the movement. For example, flying straight.

5. Uneven sound

This is a very annoying issue. A video in which the music is too loud, or the screensaver is louder than the main video, will be poorly perceived by the viewer. A person has to adjust the sound all the time on their own.

How to solve this issue?

Align all audio tracks. This can be done in almost any editing program. Make sure that the sound does not exceed 0 dB and is not less than 12 dB.

6. No certain direction for a video

This is a common mistake in filming an interview, show, or public appearance. It consists of violating the line of interaction between two heroes or the main character with the audience. If you put a camera in an interview that violates the line of interaction, it will seem that two characters are talking in one direction, there will be no feeling of interaction

How to solve this issue?

Define a line along which two characters interact, and never cross it.

7. Poor balance of black and white

When shooting on multiple cameras, you can get a different color balance. During installation, you will have two completely different images, which ultimately leads to poor “gluing” of the shots. The viewer feels that these are two different images, because of which the overall presentation of a video goes down a few notches.

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