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Useful Business Travel Tips for Canadians

Work trips are a regular occurrence for certain professions. Companies may welcome partners coming from abroad, or employees may have to go abroad to get things done. For most worker bees, company travel can be a hassle without the right preparation. Here are several helpful tips to make work trips to and from Canada more productive and pain-free:

Arrange a Private Flight

Don’t want to endure yet another economy class flight on a packed domestic carrier? Flying commercial is probably the worst part of work travel. For some companies, it’s necessary because of tight budgets. However, if cost isn’t an issue, go ahead and book an executive business jet to travel in comfort and style. This is a great option if you are welcoming business partners from abroad. Plus, your flight won’t get delayed unnecessarily when you are with a private carrier.

Pack Light

When you are carrying business suits in your luggage, packing light might be difficult. However, when you are on a work trip, carry all the clothes you need in hand luggage. The risk of losing hand luggage is far lower than with cargo luggage. It will be one less thing you have to worry about on your trip. So take only the essentials you need, particularly your formal clothes. Rely on the hotel to provide things like towels and dressing gowns instead of loading those into your luggage.

Get Enough Sleep

All those long flights from YYZ to LAX won’t feel even a bit comfortable when you are fatigued and tired. If you want to make the best out of your work trips, make sure you are well rested before and after your trip. Don’t treat sleep as optional. Plan your trip in a manner that will allow you enough shut eye, unless it’s a real emergency. When you are well rested, you will be able to focus better and be more productive. Overall, sleep is essential for making the best out of your work trip.

Mind the Currency Exchange

Check the currency exchange in the country you want to travel to first, especially whether the rate of exchange favours the Canadian dollar. You can take traveller’s cheques with you as a safe way to carry currency across borders. Be careful about using a credit card overseas. International spending privileges may come at an additional cost. Likewise, if you are welcoming business partners from abroad, remind them to prepare early for currency exchange issues.

Back Up Your Data

Don’t save the work files you need on the trip in a single computer or a smartphone. Make sure the files are stored on a secure cloud drive. This is a precaution in case you lose your laptop, luggage, or otherwise no longer has access to the device your files are stored on. If you are taking paper documents with you, make sure there are digital versions accessible over the internet to print in case you lose them. Your work trip will be wasted if you somehow lose access to your files. No one wants to think about losing their laptop, but it’s a possibility when you go through airports, so prepare well in advance.

Next time you plan a work trip, keep the above suggestions in mind. It will help you travel safely and make your work trip a success.

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