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Online Bingo Tips And Tricks

It would be pretty fair to say that the emergence of the Internet has completely revolutionised the way hundreds of thousands of people gamble, with online play becoming an ever-present part of the gambling industry as a whole. Name a traditional casino these days and you can bet your bottom dollar it will also be available online – it’s mental!

Most of the time the games themselves do not differ that much from what you would find in a traditional casino, the only difference is you can play comfortably from your own home, rather than trekking out to a casino. Bingo has always been a popular casino game, however with the emergence of the online market it has got even more widespread. Naturally you will want to know some online Bingo tips and tricks won’t you - check Read ahead for the goods.

Make Sure You Know The Rules

First off, just make sure you are a doubly certain of the rules whenever you start playing a game of online Bingo, the main reason being that some games have different rules and it is not always clear.

This may sound simple, but the amount of people that brazenly jump straight into a game of online Bingo is more than you might think. Imagine being well on your way to a huge jackpot game and then realising you haven’t been playing exactly by the rules… Not something to be desired.

Granville’s Strategy

Pretty much every other gambling game has at least a few common strategies that players engage with to try and win, did you really think Bingo would be any different? The Granville strategy is perhaps the most well known here, and is even used by stock market analysts to predict economic trends.

It basically revolves around making sure your scorecard has a few crucial elements to it. For instance, it must have an equal number of high and low numbers, even and odd numbers and also at least one number that ends with a number from 1 to 9. Keep buying score cards until you get the perfect one, it will be worth it.

Tippett’s Strategy

Another British statistician who went by the surname Tippett has also devised a Bingo specific method to ensure you are always hitting the best chances of a win. What he found was that for long games there is a larger probability that the balls are around the number 38 mark, whilst shorter games are closer to either 1 or 75.

Careful Of Times Where There Are Too Many Players

Something to be especially careful of whilst playing online is engaging in a Bingo game with too many players in it already. This will just make your chances of a win decrease, it is much better to play when there are not too many others doing the same thing.

Buy Multiple Scorecards

You can never have enough scorecards! With each one you buy the odds increase in your favour, so why not get at least a few?

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