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Not Sure Who To Bet On? Talk To The Basketball Professor Adam Duncan!

Betting on basketball games can make them more fun to watch. When the stakes are more than just bragging rights, you become more invested, you pay closer attention, and you enjoy the game even more—especially if you win.

But winning isn’t easy. It requires more than just being a fan of one team or a fan of the NBA in general. You have to know not only your team but the entire league, and you have to keep up with the thousand and one changes that occur every day. Who has time for that?

Adam Duncan, the World’s Best Basketball Professor does, that’s who. He’s finally releasing his plays after he had turned down a job from a professional NBA team to analyze data one that his protégé ended up accepting according to a recent ESPN article.

Now, sure, you can take the time to do all the homework you need to get a true picture of the state of the league and each team. But do you know what all of the information and data means? Do you know how well a team you don’t follow at all will perform if its star player is down? Do you know how long it will take for him to come back or how well he plays when his minutes are limited?

What about how well the team plays without him? Does his backup mesh well with the rest of the starting unit?

Sure, you can carve the necessary time out of your busy schedule so that you can make the appropriate judgment call. But why bother when you can let the world’s best basketball professor do it for you?

He knows how to project NBA lineups ahead of any Vegas line. His contacts in the medical field can project minutes and playing time for the smallest injuries to the most significant ones. Now that is something that fans can’t just google and figure out how to do it.

That takes skill and expertise—and he has a track record of success that proves he knows what he is talking about. With his knowledge, expertise, and innate sense of how the game flows, he once accurately predicted 27 NBA totals in a row.

There have been times where he would place his bets within seconds of a sportsbook closing to keep people from waiting to see what he bets on and then mirroring his wagers.

Not convinced? Well, he must know what he is doing. Otherwise, he would not have been banned from one Las Vegas casino in 2018. But they got tired of him sitting in the sportsbook waiting for the right time to make another bet.

Casinos don’t ban just anyone. They do, however, want to keep guys out that win too much for the casino’s liking.

With his network of scouts all over the NBA and even in the ‘D’ League and his contacts in the medical field, Adam Duncan has his finger on the pulse of the NBA.

For example, his best bet of the season involves taking the over on this team a wager that he has given out and the win total has hit the total every year Duncan gives out the betting pick. Now you know which player you'd bet on.

Not only has his top pick undergone some serious roster turnover over the last couple of years, but they have also had coaching changes (not the head coach, obviously). Then there are all roster and coaching changes for everyone that they play against this season.

If you follow the drama that is the NBA offseason, then you know the number of roster changes there are each year is significant.

If you want, you can take all the time necessary to find all of this information and then figure out how to process it (good luck). Or you could just talk to Adam Duncan, the World’s Best Basketball Professor.

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