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New Dispensary in Toronto Opens

Toronto is a hotbed of activity when it comes to up-and-coming cannabis dispensaries. Since legalization happened back in October 2018, more dispensaries have popped up throughout the city. Toronto is one of the most popular spots in Canada for retail cannabis, with new dispensaries opening all the time to satisfy customer demand.

Tokyo Smoke is currently one of the most talked-about dispensaries in Toronto. This trendy cannabis source is competing with the likes of Toronto’s 1Leaf and The Hunny Pot. Part of the reason for this is the convenient location of Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge St. The main reason, though, is that Tokyo Smoke believes in both quality and quantity when it comes to strains.

A Little Bit About Tokyo Smoke

The Tokyo Smoke brand was founded in 2015. TS believed in building a cannabis-loving community, which is exactly what they’ve accomplished. Their footprint is spreading nationwide. What started as a tiny Toronto storefront is changing Canadian cannabis culture forever.

Long gone are the days of smoking whatever stemmy and seedy weed you can get your hands on. Now are the days of high-quality strains that taste good, smell good, and leave you feeling the way you’re hoping for. This retail cannabis dispensary has based their business model around the fact that it’s possible to have an elevated cannabis experience.

Tokyo Smoke Locations

The brand has 11 smoke shops in total throughout Canada, including 4 in Ontario, 5 in Manitoba, 1 in British Columbia, and 1 in Alberta. There are 3 Tokyo Smoke shops in Toronto, but only 1 location actually carries cannabis. Their Toronto cannabis dispensary is located at 333 Yonge Street.

The other 2 Toronto locations act more as cannabis cultural hubs. These culture shops serve delicious treats and coffee. The store sells cannabis products, like vapes and papers, but you won’t actually find any cannabis within the culture shops. You’ll have to visit the Yonge Street location for that.

It’s still worth your time to check out the Toronto cannabis culture locations, though. Stop in for a hot coffee beverage and chat with the store employees about your love of cannabis. The culture shop locations are at 668 Queen Street West and 850B Adelaide Street West. Both are within close distance to the Tokyo Smoke dispensary.

Shopping for Cannabis Has Never Been Easier

Now that recreational cannabis is legal, accessing marijuana has never been easier. You can literally walk into a cannabis retail location and purchase weed as easily as you would buy a soft drink at your local 7-Eleven. Just remember to bring your government-issued ID. You will need to show this before even entering the cannabis products area.

Within the Tokyo Smoke dispensary, customers have plenty of product volume to choose from. The selection is impressive, the price is reasonable, and the staff is extremely helpful. But try to keep in mind that ordering bulk weed online in Canada will always offer more strain options. It’s difficult to know exactly what you’ll be getting when you walk into a retail store.

Online ordering might be your best bet if you’re looking for a specific strain or product. Tokyo Smoke has made online cannabis shopping easy, but unfortunately, this is only possible for Manitoba residents. Luckily, there are hundreds of online dispensaries to choose from. These licensed online distributors remain king in terms of volume, price, and available selection. They’re also the best place to make large cannabis purchases.

Interacting with Cannabis Products at Tokyo Smoke

Tokyo Smoke has taken innovative measures for allowing customers the opportunity to interact with products. Due to strict laws regarding retail cannabis, cannabis displays and interactions are extremely limited. Tokyo Smoke has figured out a way to allow customers to see and smell products before making a purchase.

The dispensary uses small round orbs containing cannabis flowers for displaying products. As a customer, you can look into the orb through its windowed front to clearly see the bud. You can even get a strong whiff of the strain’s aroma by removing the orb’s plunger from the front.

100+ Strains to Choose From

Tokyo Smoke prides itself on offering a huge variety of strains, ranging from heavy indicas to full-bodied sativas. As mentioned before, it’s impossible to know exactly how many strains and which ones will be available at the dispensary when you visit. But even so, you’ll have plenty of options available. Here are a few of the most popular strains among Tokyo Smoke customers.

Royal High Mazar Great White Shark

Mazar Great White Shark is a heavy indica strain with THC levels reaching between 15 and 18%. The strain is bred from 2 hard-hitting strains, Mazar Al-Sharif and Great White Shark. No matter if you prefer a bong, pipe, vaporizer, or joint, this is a great choice for lazing around, no matter if you

DNA Genetics Chocolate Fondue

The high THC content of Chocolate Fondue makes this strain a popular pick at Tokyo Smoke. It regularly tests between 17 and 23 % THC. Its sativa characteristics make it an ideal choice if you’re looking for both a mind and body high. This strain is expected to give you energy for up to 6 hours.

Tweed Boaty McBoatface

The main reason for the increasing popularity of the Boaty McBoatface strain by Tweed is its high CBD content. It has a relatively low THC content and a CBD level between 8 and 12%. CBD is all the rage when it comes to boosting health. If you’re looking to get high, though, you’ll want to steer away from Boaty McBoatface and go for something with more THC.

The Future of Canada’s Cannabis Industry

The demand for high-quality cannabis products is expected to increase throughout Canada, particularly in Toronto. This means that the demand for retail dispensaries will also increase. You can expect Tokyo Smoke to go up against some competition in the upcoming years, especially in the online cannabis market.

Whether you choose to purchase your cannabis products from retail stores or online cannabis dispensaries is up to you. Either way, be sure to visit Tokyo Smoke’s trendsetting dispensary location at Yonge Street next time you’re in Toronto.

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